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 Exceeding Human Limitation

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PostSubject: Exceeding Human Limitation   Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:28 pm

Quest: Now that you have been accepted as a pupil of the great Turtle Hermit, its time to start you training. Master Roshi requires you to train in a smaller version of his weighted turtle shell. after months of training you prove that you can move well in the shell, and now way faster than before. Then you spar with your Master to test your fighting skills

Requirements: completed the "Roshi's new pupil" quest

Reward: 900pl

Vegeto woke up and puted on his clothes. He then ate breakfast and flew to Roshi's island. When Vegeto arrived he was surprised to see Master Roshi up and a sea turtle beside him. Who's the sea turtle" Vegeto asked. He lives on the island. Now put this on we'll start your training as soon as your ready." Roshi said. Vegeto did as he was told. Vegeto then felt heavy. What is this stuff " Vegeto asked. It is a miniature version of my turtle shell. Now run in it" Roshi said. Vegeto tried but he couldn't. It's impossible" Vegeto said. Quit you wining" Roshi said. Vegeto then tried he walked aa little bit. Vegeto then powered up and tried to run but only walked. Vegeto then kept on trying and eventually he ran and walked in it fine.

After many months of training in the turtle shell Vegeto was faster than normal. Roshi then told Vegeto to take it of and jump as high as he could. Vegeto did this and he jumped mad high. Roshi then said to put it back on and spar with him. Vegeto putted it back on and then master Roshi attacked him. Vegeto was hit in the face. He then powered up and flew to Roshi and attempted to kick him. Roshi grabed his kick and throw him. Vegeto then did a flip and charged at roshi and managed to punch him. He then started a barrage of punches and kicks. Roshi managed to grab one and throw him then fired a kamehamhe. Vegeto fliped and fired a masenko. The beams clashed and roshi won the struggle. Roshi then said that the spar was over. They then went inside.
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PostSubject: Re: Exceeding Human Limitation   Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:47 pm

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Exceeding Human Limitation
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