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 Surpassing Human Limitation's

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PostSubject: Surpassing Human Limitation's   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:09 pm

Quest: Now that you have been accepted as a pupil of the great Turtle Hermit, its time to start you training. Master Roshi requires you to train in a smaller version of his weighted turtle shell. after months of training you prove that you can move well in the shell, and now way faster than before. Then you spar with your Master to test your fighting skills

Requirements: completed the "Roshi's new pupil" quest

Reward: 900pl

Ichiro was flying over to Master Roshi's place, for his training. Ichiro was super excited, ' Earth is a good place to train after all! I mean the monk's, that lookout tower and now this Master Roshi who is so highly spoken of! I'm glad I came here, and who knows how strong Raz has gotten! ' Then Ichiro could see the tiny island with a pink house in the distance, so he started to speed up. Until finnaly he dropped down unto the island, then ran to the door but Master Roshi was already at the door, so he went ahead and stopped in his track's. ' Catch! ' Then Master Roshi threw a miniature turtle shell at Ichiro. Then Ichiro tried catching the turtle shell with one hand, but it was too heavy for one hand. So Ichiro flipped over before he could catch it with both hand's. ' Thats a heavy shell! ' ' Yea and you are going to train with that on your back for a few months! ' ' How will that help me besides having serious back pain which doesn't help a lot! ' Master Roshi sighed, ' You should know If you train with this pressure on you, you should be atleast twice as fast as you are now! If not more! ' Then Ichiro put the miniature turtle shell on his back, he didn't show that it was heavy, but he sure felt it. ' Alright Whatever you say master roshi, so I guess I'll see you in a few month's! ' Then Ichiro started to fly to a island, but he flew at a decreased speed because of the turtle shell. ' I didn't know turtle shell's could be this heavy. And that human's can hold these thing's! It must be adapted for training or something like that, I mean you don't find heavy things like this in the wild usually unless it's a giant rock! ' Then Ichiro dropped down into a little island that hasn't been inhabited for year's.

Then Ichiro searched for a good training area, . ' Perhaps around the shore? At first so I have room to practice my genocide beam. ' Then Ichiro started to run toward the shore. It took Ichiro way to long to get there, by the time he got there he was wheezing and breathing very hard. ' This shell sure bring's me down in the speed category! ' Then Ichiro said, ' Hmm I guess I'll practice my aiming real quick like, but what to aim at? ' Then Ichiro sawa a giant rock and had a idea. He started to carve a target with his genocide beam, then after the while it looked like a real target. Then he also carved in a X inside the center circle, ' ' X mark's the spot! ' Then Ichiro shot a a few ki blast while running, or atleast trying to run. They hit just outside of the center circle. ' Alright now let's see a genocide beam! ' Then Ichiro charged a very powerful genocide beam, aimed at the target then shot. A beam of circular multi-colored spheres shot out and hit exactly on the X. ' Alright! ' Then Ichiro said, ' Now about this becoming faster thing. I guess I need to run for a while so it increases my speed when I take it off. Then Ichiro tried running, it became more like jogging, then he had to walk. ' This might take a while... ' Then Ichiro tried running again, and again till he had to walk. He became better every time, but he wasn't a whole lot better in the shell atleast, but he didn't know how fast he will be after he is done training with this shell on his back. ' Im gonna finish this, and Im gonna show Master Roshi that im one of his best pupils in this lifetime! '

A few Month's Later...

Ichiro was flying over to Master Roshi's little island, because he was done training under the heavy shell he had had on his back for the last few month's. Ichiro was traveling faster then the first time he put the shell on atleast. But he still doesn't know how fast he truly is because he never took the stupid shell off his back in the last few month's. Ichiro could see the tiny island off in the distance, ' I haven't seen the tiny place in a while, ever sense I got this shell, I never stopped my training. ' Then Ichiro sped up a little, until he was hovering over the tiny island, then he dropped down unto the island. Then he ran to the door, and knocked on it. Then the old man wearing the same thing he wore month's ago answered the door, ' Alright! I see your back from your training! Now you can take the shell off, and we can spar. ' ' Ok I'm gonna end this quick! ' Ichiro threw the shell away, and then his PL shot up. Then he rose to his max power. They both took there stances, then Ichiro began flickering everywhere and then appeared beside Master Roshi and then punched him in the gut, then pushed him to the ground. ' Alright! Alright! We're done here!. Your training is done here! Come back later at any time so I can teach you my signature Technique! Then I will see you later. ' Then Master Roshi went inside his house and Ichiro flew away.
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PostSubject: Re: Surpassing Human Limitation's   Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:05 pm

ok approved plus 900 pl
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Surpassing Human Limitation's
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