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 Surpassing human limits.

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PostSubject: Surpassing human limits.   Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:44 am

Quest: Now that you have been accepted as a pupil of the great Turtle Hermit, its time to start you training. Master Roshi requires you to train in a smaller version of his weighted turtle shell. after months of training you prove that you can move well in the shell, and now way faster than before. Then you spar with your Master to test your fighting skills

Requirements: completed the "Roshi's new pupil" quest

Reward: 900pl

Raz stood wearing the weighted shell of the smaller version of the turtle which looked comical on the young Buu due to his size and the fact he could disappear inside the shell if he wished, His eyes flicked up as his master walked down from the kame house his staff in his right hand and a knowing look in his eyes. "Well well young man it seems you have got the shell down now let's see what you can do shall we". Raz smiled as he nodded, Yes master.

Master Roshi dropped his own shell as he charged his energy, His shirt ripped as Roshi grew bigger packed with muscle his energy spiking. Raz watched unimpressed even with master roshi mega charging he was still no where near Raz's power who watched with his head tilted to the side, Deciding to make it fair he chose to fight with the shell still on. "Is that all you got old man?" Raz asked. Roshi looked at the young man before he jumped forward bringing a full power punch into the jaw of Raz making his body bend, The master followed up with a kick to the Majins stomach lifting his body up and shattering the shell.

Raz's body absorbed the blows even with a powered up version roshi's level only reached 7,000 and minus half for each physical blow. Raz looked up a smile on his face as he drove a fist into the old man's stomach before spinning slamming a elbow into the masters jaw, Raz vanished appearing behind master roshi and slammed his cupped hand's into the back of Master roshi's head sending him into the ground. Raz lit his hand's up with Ki energy and send a volley down smashing into the area where Master Roshi was.

He floated down his feet landing gracefully on the ground as he waited for the old man. Master Roshi crawled out of the rubble looking up at the boy he had never seen a being like him before. Master Roshi stood up and bowed his head laughing. "Well sonny I think you got what it takes, you pass." Raz bowed his head even if Roshi was weaker he was still the mast and Raz would respect that for the old man was teaching him how to be better.
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PostSubject: Re: Surpassing human limits.   Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:20 am

approved with an extra 4,100 PL
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Surpassing human limits.
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