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Name: Pauan

PostSubject: Pauan   Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:51 pm

Did you read the rules? : Yes or No
Do you agree to follow the Rules?: Yes or No
RP Style: (One liner, Paragraph or Novella Roleplayer)

Roleplay Rating: (either PG-13 or Mature, this is to tell which Players want more adult themes in their roleplay)
anything really

Name: (Character Name)

Age: (Character Age)

RP sample: (doesn't have to be long, and can be from any site.)
Rocot looked out at the sky for what seemed like the thousandth time today.He trained hard since he was a little kid. Hoping to become the greatest fighter in the universe. Leaving his thoughts Rocot yelled, "I've got to train harder!" "There is greater power than mine out there."
Rocot flew as fast as he could depleating his energy supply fast. He soon landed fast."I've got to train harder," said Rocot. He started punching the air. He went all out until he was on the ground sweating under the sun. Rocot hated living alone. He tried to find friends, but the saiyans were wanted nothing to do with him. "Why is life difficult," he wondered aloud. He tried to be friends with some fellow saiyans but most were stronger than him and wanted nothing to do to him. He was what people called a low-class saiyan. Because of this is why he vowed to train harder. He jumped up with amazing speed and became to power up. He soon got tired and flew to his small house."Being a low-classed saiyan is hard," he said to himself.

Tail?: (for sayians)
Techniques: (Members can start with two moves, veteran members and mods start with three and admins can begin with four. The techniques can be either Cannon or Custom moves.)
Burning Storm and Dodon Ray

Character Apperance: (Must be two paragraphs long, or include a picture.)
Pauan is a tall Saiyan ripped with muscles that if you see him in the street you would't want to meet him without an army of Saiyans. He Has dark very spikey hair that seems it might impale you through the chest. His eyes are green and if you look into them you might fall into a trance. He has a small beard and a full mustache.
He wears regular Saiyan armour. He has a long scar running down from his face from fight.
Character Bio:(Doesn't need to be long but please try to get a paragraph in.)
Pauan was elite saiyan from birth and was trained very roughly by his father a well known Saiyan. During one of his trainings a Sabimen almost got the best of him and scarred him. His father had to intervene and kill the Sabimen. Pauan's father would gladly watch him die than help his son who was being bested by a Sabimen.
Starting Planet:

Other: (Anything else you want to add in?)
is good and loves a good fight.
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PostSubject: Re: Pauan   Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:09 pm

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