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 Pauan's training facility

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PostSubject: Pauan's training facility   Pauan's training facility EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 9:12 am

Pauan was pacing around his house when a flash of memories startled him. He remembered when he was 5 and he had to fight against a Sabimen on his home planet Vegeta. His father was an elite and was there to watch him. Pauan was gaining the upper hand against the Sabimen until it suprissed him and shot a blast that hit him in the face. He now wears a scar that tells the story. His father was disappointed that the Sabimen even touched him. Pauan's father sent him to planet Earth because Pauan was a disgrace to his father. Pauan was never to return until he was a Super Saiyan.
Pauan left his memories. " I've got to get stronger!!" Pauan flew as fast as he could his body cutting through the air. He went to a remote mountain region to train. He was going to go all out. With a yell Pauan rose his power level till a white aura eveoluped him."AHHHHHHH," yelled Pauan. With sudden firecness he punch and kicked with all him might getting the upper hand against his invisible foe. For over an hour he continued the tough training. "Now it's time to test out my Chi moves," yelled Pauan. "Dodon Ray!!," screamed Pauan. The Ray pirced through the heart of the mountain and it collapsed. Without a pause Pauan turned around and screamed," Burning Storm!!" A huge yellow cloud of energy soon envoluped the whole region. One by one the mountains collapsed as Pauan laughed. For the finisher Pauan started throwing Ki Blasts everywhere until there was nothing. "Another mountain range destroyed," said Pauan with a smile. "This is my new training grounds." With that Pauan decided to name the place. "This place will be called Mountopia," yelled Pauan.
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PostSubject: Re: Pauan's training facility   Pauan's training facility EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 12:40 pm

for this....I give 1000pl and + or - 10 alignment whichever you are.
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Pauan's training facility
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