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PostSubject: Training   Training EmptyMon Jul 05, 2010 2:55 pm

Keitaro was in the forest and was punching tree's down and he punched one down he moved to the next one and punched it down he punched down forty tree's by the time he was done he stood in the middle of a lake and started to focus his ki untill the water started to move out of controle he jumped into the air and fired fourty dark blast into the water blasting it up he then used his flameing death and hit the water drying it up he then flew back down onto the ground and started to focus again untill water from where the lake use to be came up he then passed out from useing to much ki all at once he woke up an hour later and went out to a to his training room he walked up to a training dummy that fought back the dummy punched him into a wall he jumped off the wall and flew at the dummy and kicked it and started to blast it destroying it "not again" Keitaro said as he got another dummy and started to fight it he kicked this one into the wall turning it off "thats enough for one day" said wolf as he went to bed to rest

Keitaro was in his training room he had every single training dummy fighting back he saw one comeing to kick him and the other comeing to punch him he ducked under as they hit each other he blew flames destroying half of them with 100 left he started to blast them he then went on to hand to hand combat punching kicking a few knee's elbows and head butts he threw one out the door he jumped up and kicked two dummys head's off he blew more flames at them he kicked the ground makeing it shake to throw the dummys of balance he ran at one and shoved his fist threw it's body he shut the rest of them down and walked out side he saw a kid about to get hit by a bus he jumped in front of the bus and stoped it with his bare hands the mother ran up and grabed her son and thanked him he saw a man running from the cops he kicked the ground again and made the man fall down alowing the police to catch him Keitaro walked to his house and feel asleep on the sofa

Keitaro went to his training area and pull'ed out a bad of saibamen seeds and planted 20 of them "come at me with all you got" said Keitaro one of the saibamen fire a energy wave at him witch he doged and blew a flame at the saibaman killing it another jumped on his back grabed it and riped it's arm's and legs off he saw another one jumps at him he punched his fist through it another one tried to blast him he jumped over it kicked the saibamans head off he blasted the next 5 with dark blast he blew a flame killing 5 more one jumped on him and blew it's self up all it really did was tear his shirt up he grabed one and broke it in half he kicked his foot through another one and took it out he blew a flame on the last two killing them he walked to his house fell down on his bed and feel asleep

Keitaro returned to his clearing in the forest training area it had burn marks from his fire attack a few tree's knocked down the air was crisp and cool he pulled out a bag of saibamen seed's and planted 30 this time "like last time" he said one manged to fire a evergy blast at him it hurt like hell he ran ovar to it and broke it's neck one jumped on his back he slamed his back into a tree breaking the saibaman he blew a flame at 3 more burning them alive and shot 10 more with his dark blast he turned at the remaning 15 he ran up and knocked one's head off blew flames at the rest killing them he took out another bag of seed's and planted a mega saibaman he punched him into a tree which in turn Keitaro picked up and smacked it into the mega saibaman he then started to blast it with dark blast destroying it he then joged home and fell asleep on his chair he woke up the next morning and walked out side he went to his traning and planted 2 mega saibamen seeds they both ran at him and knocked him down he went into a rage and punched a hole through one of them but it punched him back he kicked it and punched it's head off the other grabed him and threw him into a tree he blew a flame at it killing it he went out into vegeta city the streets were clean the air was fresh he saw a kid running away from a man yelling help he was the only one out there he ran up to the man and punched him and kicked him into the ground "you alright kid" he asked the boy just noded the mother came running up she thanked him and took her child he went into a bank and saw a man holding a gut to the tellers head he blasted the gun out of the mans hand and knocked him out he withdrew his zenny and left he walked home and passed out on his bed again he woke up the next morning and walked into his training room he had a training dummy with his power level and powers set up there the dummy punched him into a wall he kicked the dummy and blasted it and grabed it by the neck and threw it into a wall he blew flames at it burning it and started to blast it he then started to punch kick and elbow it untill he knocked its head off

[if all the stuff in there about helping people well change if keitaro is good or bad can we not change that? ^^;]
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PostSubject: Re: Training   Training EmptyTue Jul 06, 2010 6:01 am

13,000 PL ^^
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