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 Lance and Raz Training

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Name: Lance

PostSubject: Lance and Raz Training   Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:23 pm

Lance stood in a circle of hungry wolves.There were five of them walking in a circle while growling at him.Behind lance was a large waterfall.This was the chosen location to train with raz the next day.Trees surrounded the whole area.

Lance placed his hand on the z sword.He knew he'd have to fight for he has tresspassed within their territory.Suddenly a wolf pounced at lance.Quickly lance pointed his hand at the wolf and fired a big bang attack at it.The attack obliterated the wolf.The others backed away and howled.They seemed to be admiring the other wolf's bravery.Lance gather ki in his chest.The wolves growled and pounced at lance.Lance released the ki using super explosive wave killing the rest.

Lance let out a great sigh.He then heard another growl.It was much louder though.Lance unsheathed the z sword.A large wolf walked out of the forest.The wolf's fur was the same color as the snow around his heart.The wolf walked up to lance.Lance shivered it was as if the wolf brought a cold wind.The wolf walked giving lance the approval to stay there.Lance realized he'd just met what most called the lone wolf.Lance walked to a tent near the waterfall and entered it.He went to sleep awaiting tommorow.
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Name: Raz

PostSubject: Re: Lance and Raz Training   Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:55 pm

Raz floated over the forest watching Lance destroying wolves with a shake of his head he was disappointed in his general attacking defenseless wolves Raz vanished home until the next day before coming back he walked into the waterfall looking at Lance. "get up it's time to train. Raz walked out as he waited for his general.
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Lance and Raz Training
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