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 Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863)

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Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) Empty
PostSubject: Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863)   Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 11:09 am

Space... A seemingly endless void, that of which contains various stars and planets within one giant universe. Kenshin's Saiyan ship had just taken off from the ruins of his old planet, a planet which has filled every single day of his life with misery and hard labor. The young Saiyan didn't choose this path, but as the thoughts crept into his head he clenched the hilt of his sword and gridded his teeth. It would be only a couple more hours until the blue haired warrior reached his destination, apparently Earth was the closest planet with any living creatures on it. He would need his rest if he was to arrive on this planet at full strength. So the boy drifted off into a deep sleep, awaiting his fateful arrival on Earth with only the memories of the life left behind to haunt his dreams.


The sound of a baby crying filled the ears of the dreaming teen and then the sight opening of a Saiyan pod door with a bright light engulfing his vision. Familiar voices began to echo within his mind along with visions of dark figures that looked like shadows "Sir! We found this space craft, all we could find within its contents was an infant. It appears to not even be a year old" the voice of a soldier stated to the she figure of a man approaching "A tail!? This boy must be of Saiyan descent!" the voice cried out "What should we do sir? Should we eliminate the target?" the same voice from before responded "No, it appears this infant Saiyan's ship has been hit by some sort of meteor fragment. We should use this little misfortune and turn it into a blessing..." the voices faded away as the blinding light from before consumed the dark figures and became like a vortex which brought the dream into three years later, when Kenshin was only the age of four. They had placed the baby into a containment ceil and fed him daily without even a trace of what they looked like or who they were, for the past three years he was basically alone. Until one day, the door to his ceil was opened by strange looking men with blue hair and golden eyes who dragged him down to the experimentation room.

The boy, whom had just only turned four years old, was strapped down on a table with wires placed on his chest to detect his breath and heartbeat. There were exactly five braces on the table holding him down, two to hold his ankles down, two to hold his wrists down and one to refrain his tail from moving, "What's going on!? What are you doing to me!?" the young boy asked a man wearing a white robe and a mask "We are going to make you stronger my boy, it is nothing to be afraid of. We just plan on doing this while you're still young and your body can adapt better to the serum." the boy was confused by these words, the man approached and stuck one needle into the Saiyan's arm and one into his tail "Ahhh! Please stop! It hurts!" the boy pleaded even though he knew it was useless.

"Saiyans naturally possess exceptional strength, far greater than that of other humans and alien races and are quintessentially built for fighting. The serum I injected into your arm will give you a Genetic enhancement to stimulate his nervous system and speed up his neural synapses to react faster to danger and push his physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing him to gain tremendous raw speed and monstrous power" the man began to explain to the boy laying on the table in pain. "The one in the tail however...." the doctor said as he began to laugh aloud from hearing the Saiyan scream in pain as the drug began to take effect on his body. Sweat began to emit all around his body as his heartbeat and breathing rose rapidly, and the Saiyan's black hair began to grow rapidly and change into a dark blue color. "Yes... it appears to be working, your Genetic structure being altered at this very moment to alter your appearance to be like us" With a blink, both of the Saiyan's eyes turned as red as blood rather than golden "Hmmm... Very interesting, it was assumed you would die. But it seems that your body is adapting quite well" the scientist said as he began writing notes down.

Suddenly a bluish white aura began to arise from the Saiyan child and made the wires fly off of his body "RAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he exclaimed as he broke through all the metal straps holding him still. The doctor began running out the door, but was suddenly punched against the wall by the angered boy. The Saiyan child was pissed off, and he was about to kill this man who would dare inject him with some type of chemical. When out of what seemed to be nowhere, a dozen guards surrounded the boy in the large hallway. These species of people on this planet never saw such a thing before, they had no idea what Ki or energy was. They only knew how to sword fight. The Saiyan charged the men protecting the doctor, he jumped in the air and did a side kick to a guard's face which knocked him to the side and leaving the doctor wide open for an attack. The boy charged with a punch and much fury flowing within him, but he was no true warrior just yet. He was caught by the tail mere inches away from punching the doctor in the throat, but by grabbing his tail his weakness was exposed and he lost both all his energy and his rage, the boy only felt pain as the soldiers beat the shit out of him and brought him back to his holding ceil. They now knew how to keep the Saiyan boy under control, the doctor was sure to write in his notes about the Saiyan tail, which is a particularly sensitive area for Saiyans. When grabbed, it causes great pain to the owner, and temporarily immobilizes the whole body. This information would keep them from removing the tail and keep them safe from the boy's wrath... for now.

Two years past, the experiments continued until the Saiyan's DNA was completely altered into that of a new breed of Saiyan. He was now six, the proper age to learn swordsmanship, as that was this planet's main line of defense along with Ki energy. They brought the Saiyan into the military and away from society so he could train, he surprisingly took a great liking to swordsmanship and soon began to adapt it into his own style. He carried his wooden sword even when he was brought back to his holding ceil to be sure to train with it. Over the years he trained every day with wooden weapons and soon became the best sword fighter on the planet, thus he was given name Kenshin meaning "Sword Heart"

The blue haired Saiyan now had an official name, he was used to being called "Boy" or "Saiyan freak" when among the other soldiers while training. The people on the planet did not care much for the Saiyan race, they told Kenshin while they were criticizing him for his race that their old planet was destroyed by the Saiyans and they had to relocate to this planet which they had not given name, nor did they reveal the name of their species. Kenshin was more of a loner anyways, he never really talked much to anyone, nobody there really wanted to be known as the friend of the monkey boy.

It was time for Kenshin to create his own real sword, so they allowed him to create a sword out of the hardest metals they could find which resulted in the blade being black rather than silver. They gave Kenshin a sword which they used pinpoint accuracy with laser technology in order to make the blade of the sword sharp enough to cut through the hardest of objects.

It had been 12 years of living on this planet and this was the first time they actually allowed Kenshin to explore the outer walls of the training grounds for the soldiers, they only told him to return before dark because there was a monster on the planet which arrives only on the full moon. The young warrior carried his sword on his back as he walked along the outskirts of the planet which had a ton of sand and a large body of water known as an ocean. Kenshin smiled as he watched the water move up and down with waves, this was the first time he had seen this much water in one place. Suddenly he was surrounded by over 30 of the soldiers that always stayed away from him in training.

Kenshin looked around with a surprised look on his face "Well well, looks like the Saiyan freak was allowed to make his own sword after all." the man in front said with a small laugh "They gave him the black blade to label him as the outcast with the tail who never says a word!" another man declared and all the men began to laugh. "What do you want?" Kenshin asked in a low calm tone, "Oh, he can speak after all!" one of the men in the back said "You think you are better than us!" another voice raged from the back of the group as the man in the front stepped forward "The general even said that YOU, a 12 year old child is superior to us in the art of the sword! You need to be taught a lesson in humility!"

Without even uttering a single word, Kenshin slowly drew the sword off of his back from its sheath "Oh look guys, the child thinks he's brave! Are you going to try to intimidate us with talk of feeding us the sand?" the man in the front taunted and all the men began to laugh without even drawing their own swords, they saw this boy as nothing but a joke. Kenshin looked up at the men, nightfall was coming and his Genetically enhanced eyes began to glow bright red, which made the 12 year old suddenly become intimidating and the laughter stopped "The only thing any of you will get to taste today... Is your own blood!" Kenshin said as he charged the men with no hesitation whatsoever. Before the soldiers could even draw their weapons, the blue haired swordsman had already slain over half of the men with fast movement and accuracy with the mixture of his extremely sharp blade along with his own version of the swordsman style which was a break-dance movement with the added balance of his tail which made the technique much easier to control and do swiftly.

Remaining were the elite swordsman of the planet, who each now had their swords drawn and ready to attack. They charged simultaneously, one after another Kenshin slashed, cut and redirected their own attacks to make them kill each other until only six remained, who each surrounded the boy in a triangular shape. So far, the blue haired Saiyan didn't even have so much as a scratch yet from these swordsman. Suddenly, the two from behind charged in first in an attempt to grab Kenshin's tail, he quickly cut both of their hands off and as they cried in pain he finished them by slitting their throats and almost cutting their heads clean off even though that wasn't his intention. As the young fighter turned around to face the others, there was an rapid upward slash placed upon his left eye which knocked him down into the sand, red with the blood of the fallen soldiers. His sword flew out of his hand and flung into rocky wall on the far end of the beach, leaving the Saiyan weaponless.

The four remaining soldiers charged in while the young Saiyan was holding his eye in pain and began slashing his body up with their swords without giving the Saiyan any time to react, but avoiding any deadly blows. These four wanted to see the Saiyan suffer for what he has done, they kicked him into the salt water with all the flesh wounds as they knew it would be painful. They each figured what better punishment than to drown while bleeding and then having your body eaten by some underwater creature who can smell blood from many miles away.

The blue haired boy was floating on his back in the water, feeling death begin to slowly take him when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw something that he had never seen before. It was a bright round object in the sky known as the moon. The young Saiyan looked at the beauty of the moon and began to submerge under water, the only sound he could hear is that of his own heartbeat, but he assumed that was the sound of dying.

The four soldiers were picking up the bodies of their fallen friends when suddenly a huge furry reached out to the sand of the beach "What the hell is that thing!?" one of the men exclaimed. The Great Ape Kenshin opened his mouth and shot a beam of energy which completely evaporated any trace of the men or the bodies of their companions. The Great Ape created a massacre and began laying waste to everybody on the planet by either stomping on people of shooting them with his mouth beam. However, the elders among the people who knew of the young boy's power had prepared for this. They set up a giant crossbow which had a giant explosive tipped arrow which shot into the giant beast's heart and exploded. Blowing the Saiyan into many pieces with nothing remaining but torched fur.

In the afterlife, Kenshin arrived with no memory of becoming the Great Ape. He assumed that he had been killed by the swordsman on the beach "Hmmm" King Yemma thought to himself "You never really did anything right or wrong, you were forced to live this way by a mishap from when you were a child which altered how you would live." King Yemma took pity on the young Saiyan, which was rare for someone who judged the dead all the time "If you want, you can just go on snake way to train with King Kai, I see you like to train a lot and you lost your sword, so it would be good for you to learn some great fighting skills" Kenshin agreed and began his journey on snake way.

After about six months of the seemingly endless road, Kenshin reached the end "What is this a joke!? There's nothing here!!!" he shouted and then looked up, his anger vanished. "Finally!" he shouted while jumping upward towards the small planet, but then there was a sudden pull of force which made him plummet directly into the planet. "What...the...fuck!?" Kenshin exclaimed as he struggled to stand up on the planet. A monkey walked up to the young Saiyan and started examining him and his tail and began jumping up and down "King... Kai!?" Kenshin asked with a confused look on his face as the monkey then ran towards a house with some sort of strange red vehicle next to it.

Struggling, Kenshin made his way towards the house but was stopped by some blue bug-like man "And who would you be my blue haired friend?" the big bug dude asked "I am Kenshin" the Saiyan warrior said with a bow while still struggling to keep balance "Are you King Kai?" Kenshin asked curiously "In the flesh!" the fat blue man replied "This is the first time I've ever seen a child come to my planet, so what do you want?" Kenshin replied by falling to one knee from the intense gravity and saying "I have come to train with you in martial arts"

King Kai began snickering to himself while covering his lips "I know I'm a king and all, but you don't gotta bow" he said in a nasally tone. "Why is it so heavy here?" Kenshin asked standing up again "Even though my planet is small, it has ten times the gravity of your travel on snake way"

After a couple of hours of talking to King Kai and adjusting to the gravity it was time for Kenshin's first test "You must catch my monkey bubbles" King Kai instructed and Kenshin began chasing Bubbles which proved a daunting task considering the gravity. After three days of doing nonstop chasing, Kenshin finally caught Bubbles "Now for your next test" King Kai said as a large hammer appeared in his hand and a small light came from nowhere and turned into a cricket "You must hit Gregory with this hammer" Kenshin cold hardly hold the hammer, let alone swing it. The young Saiyan charged, even with this intense gravity he adjusted very quickly as his swordsman instincts kicked in and he smacked Gregory into the side of King Kai's house, which made the bug man very upset. But alas, he had passed the two tests and was now eligible to learn from King Kai.

Kenshin trained for four years on this planet, he was now more muscular and better adapted to hand-to-hand combat along with learning the ability to make energy blasts. He had overcome the weakness of his tail being grabbed and learned two new techniques which King Kai had witnessed throughout his lifetime and informed Kenshin about, Solar Flare and Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, along with the ability to fly "Ok Kenshin, now, let's practice your new technique. I couldn't teach you the Kaio Ken technique just yet, because your body is too young and might reject it" Kenshin nodded and took a deep breath and spit out a ghost-like version of himself which he sent towards the tail of snake way and blew up on contact.

"Good job" King Kai said happily as Bubbles began to clap, it had been a long four years full of nothing but devoted training. King Kai was tired of Kenshin's humorless attitude, he was always serious and all he wanted to do was train. King Kai had already contacted a Namekian elder to gather their planet's dragon balls and wish Kenshin back to life. After receiving new yellow and red clothes and a new sword sheath from King Kai, Kenshin flew back rapidly to King Yemma and informed him that he was alive once again. Acknowledging this, King Yemma allowed a transportation back to the place Kenshin had died for a second chance at life.

Kenshin arrived at the beach where he had thought he had died, there was nobody in sight. Surprisingly, his sword was in the same exact spot it was all those years ago during the battle on the beach. The young warrior drew the sword from the rock and examined it while remembering the night where he died, it still looked bloody from the carnage. Kenshin smiled placed it in the new sheath he had asked King Kai to make for him. Kenshin began to hover in the air, he had been training and preparing for this moment for four years.

Kenshin walked casually into the military barracks, everybody staring at him in disbelief about how he could possibly still be alive. "Two...Four...Eight...Sixteen...Thirty-two... Sixty-Four" Kenshin counted "Is that all that's left?" he said aloud with a small laugh "You killed the rest of us you monster!" one man shouted as he charged Kenshin with his sword and made a downward slash towards the blue haired Saiyan. With a swift punch to the face, the man went flying into a wall before the blade even touched the young Saiyan's skin. Kenshin's speed was now that of a blur after training with ten times the usual gravity for four years, it seemed like the sword slash came at him in slow motion.

The soldier's looked at him with fear in their eyes, but then they all charged at the same time "RAHHHHHH!!!!!!" Kenshin exclaimed while letting an outburst of his energy sling every single soldier flying into different directions, King Kai had taught the young warrior how to control and use his energy in a fight. Kenshin then flew into the air and all the soldiers were looking in disbelief as the Saiyan was literally hovering in front of the sun. "Solar Flare!" he exclaimed as a bright beam of light shined down on and blinded all of the soldiers, then with his newfound speed he drew his sword and slashed up every single soldier below him leaving behind nothing but a trail of limbs and blood.

Kenshin sheathed his sword and walked into the medical center where the man whom had been experimenting on him all those years ago resided. Kenshin walked in, but to his surprise the doctor wasn't in. Suddenly the young Saiyan felt a tug on his tail along with an evil laugh, he turned his head and saw the man whom had turned Kenshin in to genetic freak "I have your tail now! You may have survived four years ago, but I haven't forgotten your weakness. Now time for some more tests now that you have come back to me little monkey Mwahahahaha!"

Kenshin merely smirked and punched the man in the face to make him let go "I have trained myself to outgrow this weakness" he said slowly walking towards the man and grabbed him by the face "This is the moment I have waited for... THIS IS THE REASON I CAME BACK TO LIFE!!!" Kenshin declared with a sadistic smile on his face as he released a powerful energy blast out of the palm of his hand and blew the doctor's head up.

Kenshin then spent days flying around and shooting energy blasts, laying waste to the entire civilization of people who did this to him. After there was nothing left, he found his old Saiyan ship, it had been repaired and modified to travel faster than a common Saiyan ship. They were in the process of making copies made out of raw material, but Kenshin had already destroyed all other ships, only leaving the one he came to the planet in. After there was nothing left to show that there was ever any life on this planet, Kenshin got in his ship and took off. He programmed his ship to go to the closest planet with life forms... Earth.

*Flashback/Dream Over*

"You have now arrived at your destination, welcome to Earth" the robotic voice from the ship said as Kenshin awoke in a crater in the middle of a forest. The Saiyan emerged from the ship after the dreams of the past were finished haunting him and flew up into the air and examined the landscape, he then flew off to find civilization and start a new life on this planet.
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Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863)   Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 11:57 am

Originality: 10, very origonal, I've seen nothign liekthis before, full marks!

Creativity: 1-15 Not really anything incredably creative, althoguh I wouyldn't describe it as uncreative,I'll give you a 6 for creativity

Logically: 10, agaion full marks, there wasn't anything I couldn't believe in there Very Happy

Fighting/ training: 40, some good training and fighting in there

Story: 1-15 I'll give you a 10 on the story, at first I wasn#t expecting it to be so good, but it was great! Very Happy

76 X 3863 = 293,588
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Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863)   Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 3:08 pm

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Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863)   Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863) Empty

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Kenshin's Life (Training topic/ WC: 3863)
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