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 Korin's Tower

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PostSubject: Korin's Tower   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:18 pm

Lush green features with an abundance of colors surrounded Korin's tower. Each part of their own life cycle and affecting each others in it's own way. It had been too long since human life has touched this part of the world, while most would marvel at the beauty. To those directed they would marvel at the tower that seemingly goes on forever toward the top of the world. It has also been too long since someone has been able to make it to the top of the tower. However, once more an invitation has been received and like all the others he believed he'd make it.......until he saw it.

He also looked down at the potion in his hands, it would neutralize any hope he had at flying. Though, he couldn’t fly in the first place except on accident so it didn’t have much meaning to him. He ran his hands through his long black and red locks of hair before downing the tangy tasting potion feeling the slow moving syrupy like liquid burn his tongue. He felt a slight sensation over his body before he felt normal once more, once he got used to the feeling he looked at the tower. Now being smart, he should just pace himself.

Plus, if anything he could use his only senzu bean to heal him if he got to tired. He just wished he knew he knew his parents at a time like this. A wise old man told him once, that most people with strong power were hereditary. And was told that he was different, and he had always known that considering his tail that most people didn’t sport. Still, the time for stalling was over for him. He gripped the sides of the tower and with effort began slowly climbing up the tower. It seemed like it would take days for him to climb this tower.

If he could sense presences he would have noticed someone nearby his current location. However, he couldn’t and with his natural senses being preoccupied with the prospect of making up the tower he was unaware of his surroundings. He knew two things though, normally in a battle he could handle himself. And that the streets of Capsule City West had taught him well in battle. He was sure he could handle himself in the event that something may happen to him. His tail swished behind him almost in excitement at the prospect of training with what must be a powerful being at the top of this tower.

Four long tiring days passed, and he could now see the top of the tower approaching. It was sad but he had used his senzu bean on the beginning of the third day. His muscles was aching so badly, he didn't think he could make it anymore. All he had to do was keep pushing, so he summoned up some strength with a breath and pushed on. Now he was barely moving going very slow and unintentionally straining his muscles. He finally made it to the top of the tower and up the short ladder at the top, he pulled himself onto the floor and passed out from exhaustion.
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PostSubject: Re: Korin's Tower   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:23 pm

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Korin's Tower
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