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 Climbing the lookout tower

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PostSubject: Climbing the lookout tower   Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:01 pm

Quest: You search for a way to multiply your strength by ten-fold. It seems like a long tower to climb, reach the top and you will arrive in Korin's room and train with him.

Requirement: You must have at least +10 alignment.

Rewards: +2000 PL.

Vegeto was flying searching for a great workout spot. He then came across a huge tower. Whoa." Vegeto said with his mouth wide opened. I bet if I climb it I'll be mad strong" Vegeto said. Vegeto then flew down to the bottom of the tower. Ok the only reason I'm not flying is because this can make me stronger" Vegeto said. He then started climbing the tower. For a week he was almost at the top. Why don't I just fly. Oh yeah I'll be stronger" Vegeto said. He finally reached the top at dawn. Vegeto then saw a cat. What do you want" The cat said. What you can talk. I only wanted to climb the tower to become stronger": Vegeto said. Oh so you want to become stronger ok. Try to catch me and the name's Korin if you were wandering" Korin said . Korin then started appearing from one place to another. Vegeto then tried to catch him.It took Vegeto about 2 hours to catch Korin. Korin then said he would train Vegeto. Vegeto smiled and waited for Korin to give an assignment. When Vegeto was done training with Korin he was super strong.Thanks Korin" Vegeto said and flew off. It was my pleasure" Korin said.
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PostSubject: Re: Climbing the lookout tower   Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:06 am

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Climbing the lookout tower
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