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 The path of a monk

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PostSubject: The path of a monk   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:31 am

name: entry into the monestary
overview: you decide to become a monk trainking yourself under mental,physical and spirtitual grueling conditions. The monk guru senses great potential withen you. He asks you to spar with him. It is highley unlikely you'll beat him but demonstrate yourself being a good student and he shall grant you the title of monk (brother if guy, sister if girl; then your name here).
requirements: positive alighnment
rewards:1,000 PL and access to monk training room

name:Angry assasins
overview: your monk master guides you into the training room and teaches you the basics of fighting suddenly assasins disrupt the schoo land begin killing left and right. drive out these assasins and save the monsetary.
requiremnt: "entry into monestary" completion, and +10 alighnment
rewards: +7,000 PL and +15 alighnment

name: mastering meditation
overview: the master takes you into the meditation chamber and puts you into a trance. in your current state of mind you battle your innermost demons. you will relive your worst fears, most intesive battles and most dramatic moments of life.once you have conqured your fears you will wake up stronger and more enlightened.
requirements: "entry into the monestary" completion,15,000PL and +15 alighnment
rewards: +25 alighnment, and +20,000PL
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The path of a monk
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