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PostSubject: Hekinn   Hekinn EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 6:21 pm

Did you read the rules? : Yes or No

Do you agree to follow the Rules?: Yes or No

RP Style: (One liner, Paragraph or Novella Roleplayer) Depending on what I can do. If someone asks me a simple question, my reply might be a paragraph. I have tried, but have never accomplished Novella.

Roleplay Rating: (either PG-13 or Mature, this is to tell which Players want more adult themes in their roleplay) Mature in blood and gore, PG-13 in romance and cursing, please.

Name: (Character Name) Hekin Takin

Age: (Character Age) 28

Race: Human

RP sample: (doesn't have to be long, and can be from any site.) Hekin walked slowly through the wide open field. He smelled the flowers, and pulled a few for his love. He suddenly remembered he was supposed to be training. He stuffed the flowers in his pocket and sprinted to the edge of the forest. He walked through the forest for, maybe an hour, before finding a tall, thick, tree.

"Prepare to die." Hekin chuckled before jumping in the air and spin kicking the trunk of the tree. The crickled and crackled before falling over. Hekin smiled and continued walking.

Tail?: (for sayians)

Techniques: (Members can start with two moves, veteran members and mods start with three and admins can begin with four. The techniques can be either Cannon or Custom moves.) Spin Kick, kamehamehha. (Maybe that's how you spell it? lol)

Character Apperance: (Must be two paragraphs long, or include a picture.) Black emo style hair, and is combed nice and neat. He has blue eyes and skinny face that reveals his cheek bone. His muscular body is clothed in blue wristbands, a blue karate outfit and red belt. His red boots are wrinkled and look rather travel worn.

His ears are, by human standards, normal size and look as if they are almost glued to his head. His hair covers his hairs, by no coincedince, of course. He is a little embarresed about his glued back ears. His legs are more muscular than his arms, as he loves spin kicking and focuses on his leg-muscles.

Character Bio:(Doesn't need to be long but please try to get a paragraph in.) With a normal childhood and many years of tai-kwondo and karate under his belt, Hekin matured into a regular young man. When he was younger, he had a love who he doesn't name. They dated for many years, until one year she moved without letting anyone know. The reason why she mysterisouly dissappeared is a mystery to Hekin, and he takes it to his heart as a betrayel.

Starting Planet:Earth

Other: (Anything else you want to add in?)Can't really think of anything.

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