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 Midori, namekian child, son of Para

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Midori, namekian child, son of Para Empty
PostSubject: Midori, namekian child, son of Para   Midori, namekian child, son of Para EmptyMon Jul 05, 2010 2:30 pm

Did you read the rules? : Yes

Do you agree to follow the Rules?: Yes

RP Style: Paragraph when in multi-person RP. And when writing solo RP (like RP sample) could be anything from 500 words to 7,000 words

Roleplay Rating:PG-13

Name: Midori


Race: Namekian

RP sample: (from a naruto role-play) Keiro stood in a room for the graduation, the sensei expecting him from behind a desk. “Alright.” He sighed. “You know what you’re here for right?” He said, Keiro nodded “Yep, to graduate!” he said smiling. Sensei smiled and nodded. “Now, we rarely do this, but instead of performing a specific jutsu, you must perform your BEST jutsu, to show us your real potential. Now, you should have decided on a jutsu already. What is it? “With all respect Sensei.” Keiro said. Smiling “I’d rather keep it a surprise. Sensei laughed “Alright then kid, go on, do your stuff!”

Keiro smiled and did a series of hand signs, suddenly a portal opened, the Sensei’s eyes widened with surprise, then from behind Sensei, and arm emerged and tapped his shoulder, he turned around and the portal was gone, as he did so Keiro quickly made another portal in front of the Sensei and Keiro stuck his head through the first, the Sensei turned around to find a head in mid air grinning at him “I call it my portal movement!” Keiro said smiling. He pulled his head back through and made an other two portals, one directly above the other, Keiro walked over to the Sensai’s desk and took his glass of water, the Sensei scowled until he saw Keiro’s trick, Keiro poured the water into the bottom portal and it then emerged from the top, and fell back into the bottom again, the cycle kept going and made a waterfall like mechanism, Keiro slowly moved the portals towards the Sense’s desk. “It’s perfectly okay to drink from it.” Keiro said “No bad contents in my portals!” He laughed grinning, the Sensei took a sip from the waterfall like mechanism. “Impressive Keiro.....” He said smiling “You pass!” Keiro smiled “Thank you Sensei.” He said. He then moved both of the portals to directly above the glass, and he closed the bottom portal, all of the water fell back into the glass. Keiro then left the room smiling....

He then went outside and looked through the window. His Sensei was reading a book it wasn’t clear enough for Keiro to make out what any of it was, as he was sitting at the other side of the room, Keiro smiled and silently opened a portal in front of his Sensei, the sensei didn’t notice And Keiro then opened one in front of his own head, and he quickly stuck it though “By the way Sensei when do I find out my squad!?” He said quickly and loudly, the Sensei jumped and dropped his book “Soon!” He said rather angry, Keiro quickly popped his head back through the portal and closed them up, he laughed at his Sensei’s reaction and then left....


Techniques: Final Grenade-A rather powerful technique that drains a lot of energy, it takes the form of a green ki ball, that after five seconds of being thrown will explode in an enormous blast, it should only be used in times of need
Special Beam shot-A weaker version of special beam cannon that consumes less ki.
Solar Flare
Namekian Healing ability

Character Apperance:*points to avatar*

Character Bio:
A Namekian dashed across the expanding jungles of Namek, a changeling hot on his trail... a purple beam of ki shot past him and missed him by centimetres, he looked back to find the changeling catching up.... He panicked and leaped upwards firing a special beam cannon through each hand towards the changeling, it deflected each of them and they went flying straight back to the Namekian, he fell to the ground.... “Pathetic Namek.” Spar the changeling as it walked over to the Namekian that was frozen in shock. “A pointless race really he said as he turned around and looked away into the foggy horizon... “They don’t really need to stick around this universe do they....” the changeling said aloud. “You’re a coward Heata!” The Namekian yelled at the changeling. The changeling Heata turned around and scowled at the Namekian, he gritted his teeth, the changeling’s blue skin glinted under the moonlight and his eyes blazed with anger “You shall pay for your insolence!” He yelled. He raised a hand and it began to glow red. The Namekian shook in fear. He recognised this attack as he had witnessed it used on others several times. A black aura began to surround the raised hand.... The Namekian began to feel weaker. As energy left his body, his energy dropping rapidly flooded into the changeling’s energy. The changeling smirked as his power grew stronger and the Namekian’s power level dropped. The Namekian began charging a green glowing attack in his hand... “Final....” The changeling’s expression changed to a shocked and somewhat scared look. “GRENADE!” The Namekian yelled as he chucked a green glowing ball of ki into the air... it dropped to the ground and landed right in front of heata’s feet. The Namekian smiled.... “You won’t cause any more trouble HEATA!” he yelled as an explosion erupted from the attack.... And in the torrent of green flames the Namekian opened his mouth wide and spat out an egg, it landed on the ground and tumbled down the large hill and landed inside of a river. It began to slowly float away in the current. The Namekian weakly smiled as he saw the egg float away, he wanted to pass on his blood through a child before he died from exhaustion and his own attack... The Namekian then fainted and dropped to the ground with the also dead changeling, Heata.. A hero had fallen... And another was born...

Twelve and a half years later...

“Ha!” a kick was sent into the punching bag followed by three punches. “HA!” A ki blast flew into the punching bag and beam soon followed through the hard punching bag in the dojo. A hole was left and the contents inside of the punching bag flowed out to the ground. The Namekian child throwing the punches smiled. He held back his fist and was about to send an other punch into the punching bag, but was approached by the owner of the dojo, he scowled at the child. “Listen kid if you’re gonna keep breaking my equipment get out!” Midori scowled. “Fin then... he walked out the door, but before closing it yelled out to the owner. “I don’t need your dojo anyway!” he then dashed away to continue his training through other methods, into the forest he went... from a distance all that could be seen were falling trees. This was the child Midori. Son of the dead Namekian legend Para. He was full of potential and was an incredibly skilled fighter. He could be a little bit clumsy at times, he had a bit of a temper and could be somewhat cocky, also sometimes looked upon as rude, but at heart he was a person of pure heart. He always trained hard and would look out for others.

Starting Planet:Namek
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Midori, namekian child, son of Para Empty
PostSubject: Re: Midori, namekian child, son of Para   Midori, namekian child, son of Para EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 8:03 am

Bump geek
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Midori, namekian child, son of Para Empty
PostSubject: Re: Midori, namekian child, son of Para   Midori, namekian child, son of Para EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 2:06 pm

I waited, nothing happened, I hope this is okay but I'm just aproving myself o-o
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Midori, namekian child, son of Para Empty
PostSubject: Re: Midori, namekian child, son of Para   Midori, namekian child, son of Para EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 12:17 pm

Im sorry dude. Im on vacation in spain so i wasnt as active as i was. Ill be on 42/7 next week. your approved 100%

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Midori, namekian child, son of Para Empty
PostSubject: Re: Midori, namekian child, son of Para   Midori, namekian child, son of Para Empty

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Midori, namekian child, son of Para
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