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 Know myself?

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PostSubject: Know myself?   Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:20 pm

Keitaro was training in the woods when a women ran up and huged him. "T-t-thank for saveing m-m-me." she cried into his chest. Keitaro back handed her into a tree and walked around the town. Not reviceing the normal glare's his get but instead people were cheering his name. "What the fuck is up with them?" keitaro thought only to see...HIMSELF HELPING AN OLD WOMEN!? "WHAT THE HELL!" he screamed in his head as he flew at the other him and kicked him. "Well hello to you to." the clone/android/mutant said to keitaro "Who the FUCK are you?" keitaro asked. "I am you from another deminsion. I'm just helping clear up your name. I'm Kintaro." The keitaro look alike said. "Hmm yes one slight problem with that...Your screwing me and my evil rep over...yeah your gonna have to die." keitaro said as he rushed him only for his fist to meet kintaro's "I'm just as strong as you remember?" kintaro said. "Oh yeah i do it's just that this is gonna happen." keitaro said shooting a fire ball at kintaro sending him flying back in flames. Keitaro then kicked a tree at kintaro making it impale him. Kintaro soon started to cough up blood. Keitaro grabed a sharp piece of wood and ran it across his finger. Seeing the blood slowly go down his finger he smirked "This'll be fun." keitaro said as he grabed another piece of wood. "You have a great smile...Well of corse you do it's MY smile. But lets keep it on for a good long time like the rest of your life." Keitaro said as he took the two piece's of wood that came from the tree and shoved one on each side of kintaro's mouth then carved a smile on his face. Keitaro then took kintaro's shirt off then started to carve curse words all over his body. Keitaro then stabed him in the chest he smiled as he watched the blood flow freely from kintaro's body. "Mhmhmhm." keitaro chuckled and threw kintaro to the ground after pullin' him off the tree. Keitaro slamed kintaro's face into the side walk untill his face was flat. Brain juices were leaking out of kintaro. Keitaro was coverd in blood now and kintaro was crying from pain. Keitaro grabed kintaro by the head and riped the head from his body.
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PostSubject: Re: Know myself?   Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:33 pm

Nice RP. I'll give you 3,000 for this.
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Know myself?
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