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 Racial Traits list

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PostSubject: Racial Traits list   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:11 am

Near Death experience power:
If almost die you get additional pl

War Wounds:
The more damged a sayian is, the more damage his or her attacks do.


Technique Mastery:
Race that comes up with most techniques. every 75,000 pl is a free technique instead of 100,000 pl

Human Spirit!:
Humans are naturally alighned with one side or the other, they have the option of starting with a bonus of +10 or -10 alighnment.


Meditate always so have more energy then other races

Whenever a body part is lost regenerated through concentration except if Head is lost.

Infinite Ki:
Always have Ki

Bio Androids:
Absorb type 1: Suck energy from beings through tail( Can't use this type of Absorbtion on Androids)
Absorb Type 2: Can Absorb other Creatures 25% their power, and techniques.
Regenerate:Whenever a body part is lost regenerated unless every cell is destroyed.

Half Saiyans:

Technique Mastery: Get a free technique every 60,000 pl until 300,000

Human Spirit: Never Give up so last longer in fights. More damaged, more powerful attacks are.

Near Death Experience: If you are almost dead but survive you gain an additional Pl depending on the size of the battle.

Buus(Or Majins.):

Regneration: Can regenerate unless every Particle is destroyed( Which is more then Cells, taking alot of energy to beat that.)

Absorbtion: Can absorb enemys getting their strength and techniques.

Blob: Melee attacks can be absorbed through this trait reducing 50% of the melee attack damage.. (Like when Majin Vegeta kept hitting majin buu but it didn't actually effect Majin Buu that much,)

Absorbtion 2: Can absorb a enemy, giving them 25% of the user's PL and only usable when in Super Form and Kid Form


energy gathering: Can gather their energy quicker then most beings.(Like Cooler with his Super Nova, which Goku takes forever to get a Spirit Bomb to that size. But Cooler a few minutes.)

No Lungs: Can travel through space without a ship, and just fly to a planet.

Cold Hearted: The option of beggining with an additional -20 alighnment


Terrifying Aura: Cause fear in the opponent

Fighters of Hell: Are able to change the arena into an area like that of hell.

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Racial Traits list
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