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 Staff Rules and Restrictions

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Staff Rules and Restrictions Empty
PostSubject: Staff Rules and Restrictions   Staff Rules and Restrictions EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 3:23 pm

Admins: Admins are in charge of the forum and do many things. One thing is that they grade roleplays, character Apps, make new rules when needed, grade new techniques AND give awards. They are almost ALWAYS busy so do NOT bother them with PMS unless it's urgent. I set rules for my admins so none will get power hungry or try to cheat any members.

1. They must respect all members and in turn all members will respect them.
2. They must learn to read Mature roleplays, as a admin you will grade roleplays of all members so it it required you be mature and not gag, giggle or get offended if you read something sinister in a Mature Roleplay.
3. No unfair gains, all members are equal.
4. Judgements on grading and awarding on roleplats must be proffesional and well kept, if i do not like bob and bob writes a roleplay worth 100,00 PL then he gets 100,000 PL.

Mods: Mods approve Apps when Admins are not online and may make suggestions. Also and most importantly they clean the roleplay forums and move all graded topics into the deadzone in a roleplays specific section.

1. Are required to be online as much as admins.
2. Must try to be better roleplayers.
3. Must be prepared to read mature roleplays, if you read something while moving a roleplay into the deadzone it's your own fault. So be prepared for whatever members can come up with.
4. Can grade a roleplay if hasn't been graded in five days.
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Staff Rules and Restrictions
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