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 Capsule Corp (Earth)

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PostSubject: Capsule Corp (Earth)   Capsule Corp (Earth) EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 1:46 pm

Capsule Corp

Capsule Corp. house- This Capsule Corp. house comes in a capsule and has a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. It is needed if you plan to stay on any other planet without a ship for longer than 24 hours. Unless you are a native. 1,500 zenny

Capsule Motorcycle= A traveling vehicle to help save energy form flying. Can ride up to 2 people.= 1,000 zenny

Capsule Car= A car to carry more people.= 1,200 zenny

Capsule Corp Weapons.

CC Sword- A sword that is made out of Kajink, the strongest metal in this dimension. It is unbreakable, must have 30,000 PL to even wield it= 10,000 zenny

CC Scouter- reads the power reading of any foe. Breaks if the foe has power over 30,000 PL.= 5,000 zenny

Capsule Corp Armor: The armor made in Capsule Corp. Reduces damage.
Cost= 10,000 zenny
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Capsule Corp (Earth)
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