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 King Dabura Missions

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PostSubject: King Dabura Missions   King Dabura Missions EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 1:08 pm

Quest: a dinner conversation
overview: after being sent to hell you meet the demon king himself dabura who has been kicked out of heaven by king yema after the kai's noticed him in the afterlife enojoyinh peaceful heaven. now that he's in hell his power is so stong the ground shakes with a simple order of his voice. he inivites you to dinner and it turns out to be a sham where after touching your forehead he makes you relive your entire life in a dream. relive every moment of your life that made you become closer to evil and how you came to be where you are now and you will become more sinister and powerful than ever before!
requirements: -40 alighnment, 50,000 PL
rewards: X2 PL, -50 alighnment

Quest: Fight the false king
overview: another demon has entered hell and he has been given the title "demon king" by his followers. King Dabura is displeased and you decided to prove your loyalty to him by slaying this so called "demon king" and bring his head to dabura as proof. the only thing is that the other guy might not like having his head ripped of and with 2,000,000 PL it's no surprise. battle along side king dabura and his demonic army to slay this false demon king and send him to deadzone where people in hell go to when they are killed.
requirements: -70 alighnment, 40,000 PL

Quest: unleash the anarchy
overview: a portal to earth has been opened by a follower of King Dabura in hell and it leads straight into the world of the living. the portal only staysopen for 10 minutes and as soon as it closes you'll be sucked back into hell. during the ten minutes on earth, kill, rape, slaughter, and destroy as much people, property and land as possible.
rewards: -30 alighnment, 12,700 PL, 6,000 zenny

quest: i pledge alligence..to the dark lord
overview: king dabura is impressed by your evil and deems you a "knight of satan" and burns an upside down cross onto your chest. he teaches you to posses people from hell and spread fear into the world opf the living.
requirements: -90 alighnment
rewards: "posses" teqnuique (can posses any NPC character with a negitive alighnment),and -30 alighnment

quest: overthrow dabura
overview: you decide you have become superior to Dabura and plan on sending him into the dead zone. you discuss your plan to a few demons and one of them secretley tells king dabura about your plans. he is displeased and orders you to be terminated. King Dabura has 1,000,000 PL so he cant be taken out easily. fight the guard and slay dabura to send him into the deadzone and reighn as "demon king of the underworld"
requirements: -150 alighnment, complete ALL PREVOIUS "king dabura quests" and have 1,000,000 PL
rewards: "demon king crown", -100 alighnment, 20,000 zenny and 50,000 PL
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King Dabura Missions
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