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 Gaining acess to the living world

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PostSubject: Gaining acess to the living world   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:05 pm

Name:Gaining acces to the living world (good)

Description: For one day (one roleplay) you may go back to the living world to a planet of your choice, to do so, you must do many chores for fortune teller baba, gain her trust, bodyguard her ect ect, then and only then, will she grant you acces for ONE DAY, to the living world, this quest is good if you need instant transmission to get to supreme kai's planet (redoable quest)

Requiorments:plus 10 alighnment

rewards:one day in living world, 1000 zenny


Name gaining acces to the living world (evil)

Description, there is one demon in the depths in the mountains of hell, that will give you one day to acces the mortal realm, he will give you a day if you can defeat him, he has a PL the same as yours once defeated he will open a portal leading to the living world, a planet of you choice, but he can only keep it open for one day (redoable quest)

requiourments:200,000 PL -20 alignment

rewards:5,000 PL one day in mortal realm

NOTE:must do five rps at least between these quests
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Gaining acess to the living world
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