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 Galactic Warrior Arena

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PostSubject: Galactic Warrior Arena   Galactic Warrior Arena EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 12:35 pm

Quest Overview: You've been offered to participate in the Galactic Warrior Tournament, it invites all types of aliens and races from all over the Universe to participate in a massive team battle royal. The most powerful warriors from their planets will form small teams to participate, so you must also form a team to take on this quest in the name of your planet! That is unless you feel you are stronger enough to do it alone; which for most would be suicidal. Most fighters in this tournament have no less than 100,000 Pl! some are two times stronger. a few might be able to push that even further; the leaders of teams would be the only ones capable of getting past 150,000. So a small team would be suggested. The massive battle royal has hundreds of teams all battling at once, so be careful, you may get ganged up on if you drag to much attention to yourself, so try and be smart, this is about survival, not being the strongest. If you manage to survive against all of the other teams and come out on top, you will be forced to take on one final challenge. A massive bug-like creature that stands taller than most Oozaru's will be released into the Arena. Your whole team must work together to bring it down, it's Power Level is massive, being a little over 300,000. It can push it's power level to 400,000 if it needs to, but it only lasts for a short while. This creature is extremely tough and strong, but it's rather slow; it's known for using mouth blasts, so be careful! It also has a technique where it spits out eggs from it's mouth, spawning a bunch of underlings with in seconds to fight for it. These underlings have a power level of 95,000. They may be weak, but there's a lot of them! When you win you and your team will be given, 10,000 for each surviving member, and a large trophy with three fighters on top of it, all of alien descent. You may to keep these things as a token of victory! Oh by the way, there is no rules for the tournament, you may do anything or kill anyone you please! So watch out! you may get killed if you're not careful.

Rewards: 50,000 Pl, 10,000 Zenny, Galactic Warrior Tournament Trophy

Requirements: 140,000 Pl if you have a team, 350,000 for Solo

Suggested Team Size: 3-5 if you are all in the 100,000's, depending on just how strong your members are should determine your team size.
2-3 of you are all in the 200,000's
1-2 If you are 300,000+, hey if you need a small distraction for a break or charging a powerful attack, some saibamen could do the trick
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Galactic Warrior Arena
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