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 Vogota Is back!!

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Vogota Is back!! Empty
PostSubject: Vogota Is back!!   Vogota Is back!! EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 11:45 am

Hey, guys, Baki, Lolgamer, Lance, Veddy!!!! I was liux, remember me??

Did you read the rules? : Yes

Do you agree to follow the Rules?: Yes

RP Style: Novella Writer

Roleplay Rating: um....

Name: (Vogota

Age: 12

Race: saiyan

RP sample: If I have to....

Vogota didn’t have any energy left. He fall on the ground. “I can’t go any further. But I can’t go back.” He closed his eyes. “Well, well, I really shouldn’t debase you. You are much stronger than the last time” vogota slowly looked up. And he saw… saw the same saiyan that putted vogota to jail for eight years that vogota couldn’t get any stronger. How vogota heard the saiyans are assassin’s and vogota are lucky his still alive. “Stand up kid. You even greater than I thought” saiyan said, “I… can’t… I don’t have energy… left… kill me…” assassin just smiled. He putted his hand on vogota head and shoot a big shockwave. Vogota crashed to a tree. But his all powers were back. He stand up. No… his power weren’t back. His power’s risen. About four times more. “You gave me some sort of power’s right?” he asked the saiyan. “ no your Pl has risen in fight. Now it’s just like mine. Well I’m about 5.000 PL stronger. But who care?” he jumped and landed in front vogota. “Looking at my new power, It’s not much. Now I can revenge. Prepare…” he jumped over assassin a one mile from him and putted hands in the air by putting in them his ki. “MA! SEN! KO!” vogota jelled and shoot a strong and fast masenko wave to saiyan. Then disappeared. The saiyan jumped by avoiding attack. Vogota appeared behind him. But assassin disappeared. “Whoa?” vogota didn’t understand. He appeared 2 mile’s over vogota. His hands were putted in front of him. “galit… GUN!” he jelled and shoot a 2 times stronger wave than a masenko. “Shit… there’s no any… wait there is a way… kamehame…” and when the galit gun was a half mile from vogota(he was falling), he turn around by jelling: “HA!!!” and shoot a wave like masenko to the ground. When wave touched the ground, explode. The explosions wave send vogota to the galit gun. “Third wolf wand fist!!!!!” and third time vogota used wolf power. He kicked to the gun and send it back to assassin. But the saiyan just put his two left hands fingers on the forehead and disappeared and appeared in front vogota. “Nothing can help” he said and punched to vogota face. He fly to the ground. Then saiyan repeated it but this time kicked to vogota stomach. “ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!” saiyan laughed. Vogota jelled: “wolf, wan… wand fist!!!!” and hit assassin’s head. Vogota regenerated leg. Saiyan stand up and wonted to teleport. Vogota punched to the air and hitted through enemy’s heart. “caught… you…” vogota said. But he couldn’t move the arm. “ha, ha, ha… stuck right? Can’t move? You know what I am going to do now? I’m going to self explode. You can’t run. You have 10 seconds to live. Good look” the assassin said and his all body started to glow. Vogota tried to move his arm but nothing. Only one way left… he grabbed with other hand the stuck hand and cut his hand off. He regenerated and jumped fast and high as he can. It exploded. It was huge explosion. And beautiful. Vogota, when landed, walked further to the forrest. “Will it never end?” vogota asked himself

Tail?: yes.

Techniques: Time stop and Kamehameha.

Character Apperance: Vogota Is back!! Songoten0

Character Bio: Vogota as a fighter of proud saiyans, has skills that even higher than his age kids couldn't manage. at two he allready killed a namek, at five he killed his brother, and at ten he killed his all familly. Then he ran from his planet, by killing a saiyan and stealing his airship. But after two years, he was caught and now he's at Vegeta again, starting a new life. A saiyan life.

Starting Planet: Vegeta

Other: Yeah. I missed you!!
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Vogota Is back!!
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