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 A new Teacher for a new pupil

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A new Teacher for a new pupil Empty
PostSubject: A new Teacher for a new pupil   A new Teacher for a new pupil EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 3:45 pm

Quest: You have heard of the legendary martial arts master, Named Roshi. You travel to Roshi's small island and try to convince the old turtle hermit to take you on as an apprintice. At first Roshi's says he doesnt anymore pupils, but if you bring the old perv a nice looking lady or some pervy magazines he might reconsider

Requirements: neutral or positve alignment
Reward: +500 PL

Kenetsu woke in the morning, as usual to the smell of breakfast. He ate more than most, but still far less than the fabled Son Goku, though he didn’t know much else, aside that the man was enormously strong, and hints from his mother gave him the idea he was like her, and that his children were like him. It gave him a sense of pride, and this he thought of as he dressed for his day of training, which was most days, and he left his room. As he entered the dining room, which also happened to be the kitchen, his father stepped in his way.
“Kenetsu, before you eat, I must tell you that I cannot teach you anymore, I am too old, and you are too strong, therefore, you must seek out the only old man you can learn something from. You know who I am talking about, one, Master Roshi.”
Kenetsu frowned, this was a bit confusing for the first thing in the morning, and he was used to working his muscles before his mind, and this threw him off. But he caught it, and understood. He had expected something like this soon, so he nodded, words weren’t necessary and his father stepped out of the way, revealing that his mother had already put together a breakfast on the go, something she had figured out so that he could head to distant places to train without having to be held back by the meal. He had gotten used to this, and grabbed the box, the breakfast, and there was another box behind containing the lunch.
“That is for your trip, because we don’t know where his home is, all we know is that it’s on an island,” said his mother.
He was bad at goodbyes, so he nodded and bowed to his mother, and then turned towards his father who beckoned to him. And he followed. He was led to his father’s study, a place he had only been to once before. His father walked to the closet and grabbed a parcel, turned around and proceeded to hand it to him. The package read ‘To: Roshi.’
“This is for Roshi, give it to him if he refuses to train you, now go, you have wasted too much time as it is.”
With that, Kenetsu left and walked out front. He turned towards the house and bowed, showing his respects, because he didn’t know when he would see it next, or even if he would ever see it again. He turned and walked to the river that ran at the end of the property line, and knelt, then kicked off and began the long journey that would take him to a new teacher, and may lead him down a path that would get him to meet new friends, as the majority of people he had met were local, and he wasn’t allowed to spend much time with them. With thoughts of adventure and becoming a hero, he quickly left the mountain and his home behind
The path he took led him straight to the edge of the continent, across a desert, no cities. It was also the fastest route, and took him to the shore by lunch. He stopped and sat on the beach and began to eat his meal. He hoped this Master Roshi, who trained the famous Son Goku would be willing to feed him as well as train him. His lunch was bland, but filling, and he was soon done and off again.
From the beach he flew out over the sea, and he would have stayed low, but he knew he needed to be able to scan for the island, to cut his searching time, in an attempt to get there before he needed to eat. And doing this he found the island in a few hours. He landed and walked up to the door, and knocked. Roshi answered right away, but slammed the door shouting, “Go away!”
“I’m here to have you teach me,” Kenetsu said as he banged on the door.
“I don’t teach anything to anyone,” answered the hermit.
“I have something for you, please train me.”
The hermit opened the door a crack and Kenetsu pushed the parcel through. Roshi grabbed it and slammed the door again. After a rumble of cackling coming from inside, the door opened and Roshi stood there, grinning huge.
“It seems we have a good candidate for a pupil. Please come in.”
Inside the house of the hermit was rather messy, but the table was full of food.
“You remind me a bit of one of my previous students, so I thought you might be hungry.”
With that, Kenetsu’s stomach growled audibly and the old man busted up laughing and urged Kenetsu to eat, saying something about if he was going to be taught, he was going to have to keep his strength up. After eating, Roshi told him that he had to go out for some items, that he would be back soon, but that his house had better be sparkling clean, that was his ‘condition’ for training the young lad.
Kenetsu followed the old man’s order, and in the process of cleaning, found a stack of…. Adult magazines, on the top of which was the parcel that he had brought, opened. Inside were several issues of ‘Busty Beauties,’ and he understood why the old man had accepted him, and knew that cleaning was just an excuse so the old man wouldn’t have to do it himself. He laughed and put the stack in the closet, which he locked, and intended to use that as leverage, though he doubted that old man Roshi wouldn’t figure out the hiding place anyhow. It was a couple of hours later when Roshi returned and stumbled upstairs, smelling of alcohol and cheap perfume.
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A new Teacher for a new pupil
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