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PostSubject: Lightning   Lightning EmptySun Aug 01, 2010 2:42 pm

Did you read the rules? : Yes

Do you agree to follow the Rules?: Absolutely

RP Style: I'd like to think I'm somewhere between Paragraph and Novella

Roleplay Rating: Little bit of both

Name: Lightning, (Real name is a closely kept secret).

Age: 21

Race: Half-Saiyan

RP sample: The nights breeze swept calmly across the seaside vista. A young woman could be seen tossing small stones casually into the waves. The wind gently blew her hair across her face, and a faint tear formed in her eye. Thoughts of remorse and sadness filled her heart as she gazed at the serene beauty of the full moon. Her fist clenched, then began to shake, "No more," she said to herself quietly. Her fist unclenched as she raised her arm to wipe the tear away. "No longer shall I dwell on my sorrow, no longer shall vengeance be the only beacon I follow. I see beauty and life before me, and with these hands I vow to protect it." The young women looked down to her open palms, then stared out into the vastness of the sea. She wiped away one final tear, then began her long journey into the shadow of the night.

Tail?: No

Techniques: Solar Flare, Masenko

Character Apperance: Lightning has long, light pink hair, blue eyes, and a heart-shaped face. Her hair is styled to fall over her left shoulder in gentle waves. She wears a light brown turtleneck shirt along with a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant underneath a white soldier uniform. There is a green metal pauldron of the Guardian Corps (of which she belonged to) with two glowing yellow stripes symbolizing her rank as a sergeant, a long flowing red cape attached to her back on the left side, and a brown belt around her waist. She also wears two dark blue fingerless gloves with gold plates over the knuckles, a long black sleeve over her left arm that begins from her bicep, and a brown mini-skirt. She wears two bracelets on her right bicep. She also has a slightly unnoticeable navel piercing. While difficult to see most of the time, she wears a pair of skin-tight black shorts underneath her skirt, presumably for modesty reasons.

Lightning FFXIII

Character Bio: Lightning's parents died from an unknown sickness when she was fifteen. With no other family to turn to, Lightning was given the job of raising her younger sister, Serah. In an attempt to discard her childhood and become an adult as quickly as possible, she decided to change her name from Claire Farron to simply "Lightning". Ever since then, she has acted as a sort of mother figure to Serah. After graduating from high school, Lightning decided to join the Guardian Corps Bodhum Security Regiment as a sergeant. However, she slowly began to lose sight of her goals, and worked many hours while spending little time with Serah. After realizing she has tremendous untapped power inside of her, Lightning decides to quit her job in the military and begin training privately on her own.

Starting Planet: Earth

Other: (Anything else you want to add in?)
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PostSubject: Re: Lightning   Lightning EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 1:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Lightning   Lightning EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 1:33 am

Nice. Very interesting character. Welcome to the site. =)
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