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 Reversing the Spell

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PostSubject: Reversing the Spell   Reversing the Spell EmptySat Jul 24, 2010 7:23 pm

Mission name: Reversing The Spell

Description: It has been a while after you have recieved your Majin power's by the evil wizard Babidi. After you got it there was a pure good Wizard named Abraka, she say's that darkness is not the way to power, and if you would allow her to show you that and take Babidi's spell away, she promises you would be twice as strong as you were with the spell. Then Abraka tell's you that they're are some Humans with Mutant Power's taking over the planet ypu are on. ( COULD BE ANY )

Requirements: Must have atleast a good or neutral alighment.
Must have atleast a 300,000 PL
Must have completed Become A majin.
Your M on your forehead disappear.
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Reversing the Spell
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