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 Changeling training

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PostSubject: Changeling training   Changeling training EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 12:19 pm

Quest Overfiew: You are a changeling( Must be changeling and have negative alignment) and have decided to get stronger. find a teacher to teach you the way of the evil changeling! After this initial training of fighting a run away changeling and killing him this master will teach you several techniques! ( The runaway has 20,000 pl!) Are you ready for the challenge!

Rewards: 18,500 pl, and death beam

Quest Overfiew: You are ready to finish your training. You ask the master and he has a idea! He wants you to attack a group of Saiyans and kill them then bring them back! ( All the saiyans have 10,000 pl and there is 4 of them!) You MUST have at least 20,000 pl! Then he will finish your training and teach you the awesome Kienzan Disk and the Nova strike! Can you kill them and learn the Techniques!
Requirment: 25,000 pl, COMPLETED 1st CHANGELING TRAINING!
Rewards: 23,000 pl, and Nova strike!

Quest Overview: You want to finish your training so you ask for death ball to learn along with Super Nova to finish your training. You must fight a saiyan with 180,000 pl. You must fight him but beware he is a supersaiyan! His Pl goes up to 360,000! You must transform to beat him or else you die! Then your master teaches you the ultimate techniques! The super Nova and death ball can destroy planets so be careful what you choose to do with them.

Requirements: Must have 110,000 pl at least and be a changeling and have completed changeling training and 2nd changeling training.
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Changeling training
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