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 Veddy the Namek

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Veddy the namek

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Name: Veddy

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PostSubject: Veddy the Namek    Veddy the Namek  EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 3:40 pm

(Hey Baki Very Happy nice site man. Hey Vekni and all of you from DBU. Sorry I dissappeared. My scheudle was busy.....)

Did you read the rules? : Yes

Do you agree to follow the Rules?: What do you think? lol Yes

RP Style: Paragraph lol

Roleplay Rating: PG-13 please lol don't rely get into writing about it, what's the point o.O

Name: Veddy

Age: 19

Race: Namek

RP sample: (A physco I was playing as on a Naruto RPG) Heizen was in a forest, taking an artist named Churro to an art convention and had to protect him and his artwork, a sculpture that curved in many ways. Heizen wasn’t impressed though. Suddenly a slight bit of movement was in the air. Heizen had heard it. It was most certainly, a couple of bandits.

Heizen had awaited and acted like nothing went wrong, to keep the artist feeling safe. Then Heizen said, “Above!” He then jumped towards the known bandits who were hiding amongst the trees making too much noise with each step they took. They had accidentally stepped on a twig and Heizen had then realized their position. It was all silent kills. Heizen’s katana had sliced through one bandit, then another from behind had wished to attack. Heizen said, “Foolish, you just surrendered, YOUR LIFE!” He then sliced mighty fast and strong with his katana, across the chest of the bandit making his blood spill all over the tree. The katana, red with blood, as well as Heizen’s clothes were stained. Heizen then returned to the artist. He then said, “Let us get going.”

The artist then frightened kept walking listening to Heizen so he didn’t get on his bad side. Heizen then continued walking through the forest. He then made it to the convention. The artist got 10,000 ryo from his sculpture and then Heizen had to bring him back to the village. But suddenly a assassin came and said, "I'll take that cash. What do you want Old man?" Heizen gritted his teeth. He said, "Get out of my way, or I'll kill you where you stand." Heizen then made a hand sign smiling. The assassin said, "What'll it be old man?" Heizen had a dark look in his eye. He said, "DIE!" He then created an earth dome prison around the area. Heizen laughed crazily and said, "Well done! You lasted 5 seconds against me!"

The assassin was trapped. His chakra was being sucked into Heizen's body. Then Heizen stopped 2 hours later as the assassin's chakra had all been drained. Heizen then said, "Wood Style: Great Forest technique!" His arm then grew big trees. He then turned them into sharp stakes and they struck the assassin in the heart. Heizen then went towards the Hidden Rain Village. The artist followed. He had to keep up. He had to be perfect around this guy or else, he'd die.

?: (for sayians)

TechniquesSmile Not really veteran lol so Special Beam Cannon: A technique where you put two fingers on your forehead, then you concentrate KI into those fingers for a while. Then when the technique is charged you point your fingers out unleashing a swirling beam that goes through an enemy, like through their heart. (Who doesn't know what that is lol.) Telepathy: Can talk to others with his mind....

Character Appearance: Veddy the Namek  Piccolo07
Character Bio: Veddy's past isn't what some would call a happy one. He was born from an egg of the Namekian elder and was raised to be a warrior. But there was a problem. He had an illness which made his body's lifespan shorter then most Namekians. He would only get to live to be 40. Veddy wasn't very happy. It wasn't a long enough life. So the young Namek had promised himself that he would become a good warrior, and spend every minute, of every day living his life to the fullest. He had increased his physical capability and and his strength and speed were soon that of an average Namekian. It made him happy to be like everyone else. He was then trained to learn the Special Beam Cannon and soon to talk to others with his mind. He would always create little competitions between his brothers to increase his power and kindly had sparring matches with everyone. He never had a temper for some odd reason. He only would get mad if someone picked on his friends or tried to kill or hurt them them. (sorry for bad bio doing two things at once o.O)

[b]Starting Planet
: Namek duh Razz

Other: (Anything else you want to add in?)
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PostSubject: Re: Veddy the Namek    Veddy the Namek  EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 4:00 pm

approved. the dragon balls can cure him.
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Veddy the Namek
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