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 The rebellion on Frieza

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The rebellion on Frieza Empty
PostSubject: The rebellion on Frieza   The rebellion on Frieza EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 12:16 pm

quest: heads off, tails up
overview: on frieza there has been an asassination plot on the current emporer of frieza he demands you to go to their camp and begin slaughtering one of the villages that help the rebls to discorage them. once done bring him the heads to post outside his cities to frighten the traitors in his way
rewards: -20 alighnment, and +2,000 zenny

quest: Weaken the rebel supply line
overview: the rebels are buying weapons from the emporer's own amories. go to the rebel armoies destory all their weapons and kill as much rebels as you can SILENETLY! set off an alarm and you fail the mission and get NOTHING!
rewards: 10,000 zenny and -10 alighnment

quest: its WARRRR!!
overview: the time has come to storm into reble camp and kill left to right. each weak rebel has 10,000 PL and officer with 20,000 and commanding officers with 50,000 PL. the great general Barbossa has 130,000 PL himself. but this assighnment is only given to those worthy enough
requirements: 100,000 PL and -30 alighnment
rewards: -40 alighnment, 10,000 Zenny and 20,000 PL
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The rebellion on Frieza
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