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 death forrest(last part)

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PostSubject: death forrest(last part)   Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:13 am

Vogota slowly walked. Then he heard something. Looked back. First he saw a fool moon. But this time it was black. Then he saw almost the same hole. Just two times bigger. “gh… if that stupid brown monkey will come, I will kill it like the first.” Vogota said and heard hell voice: “It will not be brown…” “How do you know?” vogota asked. The hell answered: “I’m everything forgot?” vogota looked back and… saw None again. None said: “ will you die this tame?” vogota answered: “Not against you” nothing said: “then I will let my friend to kill you…” he smiled. Then the ground started to shake and vogota understand what is going to happen. “Shit! Kamehame…Ha!!!” he shouted and send a big wave to the moon. But a giant yellow beast jumped from the hole and blocked the kamehameha. When it landed the ground shacked again and vogota almost fall into the hole. The monkey jelled at 500 decibels: “WHAARGHAAAAAAATHAYUUUUUAAAAAKHLAAAWEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
That should mean: “you will disappear from the living world in front of my eyes.” From the sound gravity disappeared and vogota would fall into the hole, if wouldn’t catch a big, strong tree. The sound like shockwaves returned his energy to him. Now he was even more stronger. “Hey everything, who is screaming? Or… I should say were screaming?” vogota just now realized that he didn’t hear the scream in a while. “Those who were killed in here, in death forest, where is just for training, where you need a tail.” The None laughed. The Golden Monkey too. Using the moment he send from hands two ki blasts. But they come back. Then confused vogota send them to oozoru tail. But he weren’t there. Oozoru’s big head appeared from the ground in front of vogota. The None appeared behind him and manacled vogota. Nothing talked cold hell voice: “you will take the blast and die, I will take explosion and fly.” Then vogota felt that monkey ki in her mouth, because it was huge “wolf wand fist!!!!” vogota shouted. The monkey sent a huge blast to vogota. He jumped and with two legs kicked to the blast. The wave swallowed his all body and None arms. Vogota’s head fall to the trees and bushes. But he regenerated all of it and left just a little energy. But his plan was success. The blast came back to oozoru mouth. Oozoru head exploded and swallowed Nothing and Everything, Or The None. Vogota fall on the ground and the fires almost touch him. Explosion wave returned vogota the energy and now he was even stronger. He run further and saw a fence. Vogota jumped over it and… fall into the river. “finally over” vogota said with closed eyes. When he opened them he didn’t see any forest. He smiled “hm… strange… I wonted to go again” then he saw a sign: “hell river. For training. Need a tail.” “WHAT??!!! HELP!!!!!!!” vogota asked him self and run as fast as he can.
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death forrest(last part)
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