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PostSubject: TRAINING UNDER GRAVITY   Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:23 pm

Lance crashed down upon empire in the one way space pod raz paid for.Lance stepped out the space pod rubbing his head for the space pod crash landed.Lance looked around quickly he noticed the base.The half saiyan walked into the base.Calmly he walked into the gravity room.The time had come to train.

Lance walked towards the dial to intensify the gravity.Lance turned it 500.Lance quickly fell to the ground.He tried to get up,but he couldn't.Lance powered up and managed to make it to his knees.Lance powered up more his aura and his hair turned gold.Sweat ran from lance's body,but he hadn't even started training yet.Lance walked slowly knowing that if he tried to run he'd fall.Lance continued walking until finally he was confronted by wooden dummies.Lance unsheathed the z sword and his clothes shifted to that of supreme Kai.Lance raised the z sword above his head this took fifteen minutes.He slashed down,but it took an hour until it made contact.Knowing training like this wouldn't work lance walked back to the dial.That took forty-five minutes.Lance turned the dial to 100 just before he went back to his normal form.

Lance even in this form could run and fly at this level of gravity.There was still a big difference though.Lance jogged to the dummies from before and slashed down at one.The z sword didn't go all the way through the wood.Lance powered up and went super saiyans once more.Lance applied more force as he slashed through the dummy.

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