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 Otherworld tournament

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PostSubject: Otherworld tournament   Otherworld tournament EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 11:44 am

Your character is put into the Otherworld Tournament, against similarly recently dead fighters of relatively equal strength. Fighters become stronger as the tournament goes on, and if your character makes it to the final round, the last opponent is definitely as strong as them, or perhaps even stronger. If he/she wins, the character is offered a choice of a sizeable cash reward or the right to return to the living word

Requirements: Heroic deeds in life, or sponsorship of a Next Dimension entity (such as one of the Kais, an Oni, etc).100,000 PL

Rewards: x1.5 PL

Vegeto had awoken this morning and was training to get stronger. Now he was at a tournament if he won he could be brought back to life without the dragonball. There were tough opponents here and Vegeto beat them somehow. Now it was the quarter finals. Vegeto and 6 other fighters were there. There was Cotto a saiyan with a power level of 100,000. Vegeto hoped he could fight him. There was a blue yardrat named Sanzu with a power level of 60,000. Those two were Vegeto's friends there. Cotto just finished beating Kanda a namek with a power level of 70,000. Now it was Vegeto's turn.

HE walked to the arena. His opponent was a changling with a power over 80,000. Vegeto was ready when the match started Vegeto charged at the changling he kicked him but was thrown. Vegeto quickly recovered and punched him in the stomach he then threw him. The changling recovered and charged a death beam and fired it at Vegeto. Vegeto teleported behind the changling and fired a kamehameha that connected. The changling almost touched the ring floor. He quickly got up and charged at Vegeto. He then fired a death beam. Vegeto got hit bad. He then went Kaiokenx2. He flew to the changling and kicked him. On the sideline Cotto and Kanda knew Vegeto wasn't using his full power. It would be amazing if Vegeto won they would all be in the semifinals. Vegeto fired a masenko at the changling causing massive damage. They then both charged at each other with blasts charging. They then fired it when they were close. When the smoke cleared Vegeto emerged victorious the changling had been knocked out.

Vegeto watched as Cotto and Kanda fought. The match was amazing. ZThey both then transformed. They were even. Suddenly Cotto used a blast that ended the battle. Vegeto told Kanda it was ok he'll win next time. Vegeto then walked to the arena this was the match that would decide if he would fight Cotto. The fighter was a android with a power level of 90,000. They both charged at each other delivering blow after blow. The android then used an attack that could have killed Vegeto. But he dodged it a little saving himself. Vegeto was getting frustrated if he lost he wouldn't fight Cotto or live. Vegeto was in his hidden rage. He charged at the android with all his power kicking him in the chin. He then fired a galick gun to seal the deal.

Now it was Cotto and Vegeto. They started fighting and were even. It took half an hour for one of them to get hurt. Vegeto then used the Kaio ken. Cotto then tansformed. Vegeto attacked him everywhere but didn't land a hit. Cotto then threw him almost out the ring. No I can't lose" Vegeto said enttering his rage again. He then charged at Cotto hitting massive damage. Cotto was losing the battle fast he had to do something. He then went False super saiyan. Vegeto still in his rage didn't care he hittted Cotto with everything almost getting him out. Vegeto then snapped of. He then went Kaio-ken x3. They both attacked each other. Cotto's powwer was drained because of being in false super saiyan. Vegeto saw the oppertunity and kicked him knocking him out. The grand Kai then said that Vegeto can either return back to life or take zenny. Vegeto chose return back to life and was suddenly transported to the living world.

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PostSubject: Re: Otherworld tournament   Otherworld tournament EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 7:54 pm

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Otherworld tournament
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