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 Ichiro traveling through Snake Way

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PostSubject: Re: Ichiro traveling through Snake Way   Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:53 pm

Quest Overview: It seemed King Yemma has advised you to meet up with King Kai. But first, you must travel the long snake way, it might take days to complete the whole cycle and enter King Kai's planet. You must travel snakeway for this mission to complete. Must have good/neutral alignment

Rewards: Access to King Kai's Planet.

(optional) Quest Overview: Running half way to snake way, you encounter a castle. For most of the curious types, one would enter the castle and browse around the interior. Looking around, you would find Princess Snake in a bad mood, licking her lips and viciously looking at you. It time you kill the snake queen before she eats you. (PL, 2500)
Rewards: +6,000 PL.

Ichiro was still staring around Snake Way, he could just not believe he was going to meet King Kai! Ichiro hasn't even thought or looked at how far and long Snake Way was. ' I cannot believe I'm going to meet the famous, martial art's teacher King Kai! I mean wow! I've seen people come back, twice as strong! If not triple their beginning power level! ' Then Ichiro stared at Snake Way, he now realized how long it was. ' Oh... Well I guess I should get started! ' Ichiro started to jog down Snake Way, Ichiro seeing the cloud's underneath the long road. ' Yikes! ' Then Ichiro sped up

It has been half a day and Ichiro had made no progress. He could still see the entrance but barely. ' Ahh! This take's way to long! ' Then Ichiro turned into his ascended super sayain form, thus his hair turning gold then it spiking up. Also his muscles growing and his eye color turning into a bright green. ' Now let's make this a little quicker! ' Ichiro was picked up of the ground and began to levitate. Ichiro started to fly over Snake Way. He was going faster then he thought he would. ' I've never really tested my limit's before in this form. Really in any form... ' Then Ichiro tried to go faster, and by faster... he tried going fast as he could. He was soon unable to see the entrance. Ichiro soon remembered that he could use his instant transmission technique to see if anybody was further up, and then he could transport to them. So Ichiro put his finger's to his forehead and tried to see if he could sense another power level up ahead... he found one and... gee it was weak. So Ichiro teleported to it.

Suddenly Ichiro was right outside of a palace, with two snake's outside of it. Ichiro walked into the palace, with him starting to wander around it. Him finding picture's of King Yemma in some room's but then the other's there is nothing, just like a black whole. Then later someone found Ichiro snooping around in the palace, ' Well Hey! Aren't you a cutie. ' A lady with blue skin and orange hair said ' They call me Princess Snake! ' ' Well hey. I just stopped by to see if anybody was here, I was curious. ' Ichiro started walking down stairs, so he could get out. But the snake princess flickered toward Ichiro.. but she wasn't the snake princess, she was a snake! ' Ahh! ' The snake lunged at Ichiro trying to bite him. But Ichiro punched it in the nose before it had a chance. Ultimately killing Princess Snake, ' Well that was easy... ' Then Ichiro sensed another power level, so he got out of the mansion while killing the princess.

' Alright! Now It's time to finish this and get off this road! ' Ichiro sensed a power level.. and it was well powerful! ' It's way out there! I'm lucky I'm adapt with instant transmission! ' Then Ichiro put his finger's to his forehead and flickeredd off to the power level. Then Ichiro was on a small planet, it was easy to walk on it because it felt like Ichiro was home on 10X Earth's gravity! ' Then a small blue being came up to Ichiro and said, ' Hmm Impressive you can stand and use instant transmission. You must be my new student, I'm King Kai! ' Ichiro was surprised by his appearance but didn't mention it, ' Umm Hi I'm Ichiro. ' Then the two walked off, preparing to train.
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Ichiro traveling through Snake Way
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