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 Learning Two Moves.. well maybe

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Learning Two Moves.. well maybe Empty
PostSubject: Learning Two Moves.. well maybe   Learning Two Moves.. well maybe EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 5:48 pm

Ichiro was walking through planet namek, he was planning to learn two new move's today, that nobody has learned, well no one he knew. He only knew one of the move's he wanted to learn, it was the ability to go through someone's past and actually see what they have seen, to use the move you must have your hand on their head. So he was hoping to learn it through spiritual training. He was traveling through Namekian village's hoping to see a move he could learn. After he found the move out he would travel some where in private to train, still disliking training in front of unknown people.

Ichiro was walking through a namekian wasteland, looking every direction he could think of. He just walked through a abandoned namekain village, with literately nobody there. ' Darn it! I have had no luck all day! I'm just going to use instant transmission to home on the closest namekian village! ' Then Ichiro put his finger's up to his forehead, and tried to sense a power level nearby... Ichiro didn't feel anything for a second, then Ichiro felt three power level's about two hundred miles away, and so far that's probably as far as he could travel. And then Each of the power level's were high for some of the inhabitants of this planet. ' Hmm one of these power level's are one million! The other two are five hundred thousand! That one that is one million must know some move's! ' Then Ichiro transported to the area with the power level's.

Then Ichiro saw a giant namekian that was defending itself against two namekian's. The strange thing is that the giant one was the one with the power level of one million. The two other power level's were small namekian's, they were using all kind's of attack's on the giant namekian, one of the commonly known techniques were special beam cannon. The giant namekian said, ' Stop it I don't want to hurt you! ' ' Hurt us! We can fuse right now and be stronger then you right now! ' Then the two others grew to be giant's too! Then Ichiro had three foot giant's right in front of him, with power level's of one million. They didn't even notice Ichiro. Then both of the evil namekian's, well they seem to be evil, both punched the namekian with out a partner at the same time, knocking him back to the ground. Then Ichiro had enough, he flickered over to the namekian on the ground, and said, ' That's enough! Im helping you out buddy! ' The namekian said, ' Thank you! My name is Cu by the way! '

Then Ichiro flew up into the air, he was too angred by the namekian's to speak to them right now! So Ichiro turned into his Ascended Super Sayain form, so his eye's grew green again, then his muscles bulged. Then completing the transformation his hair turned into the bright golden color of a super sayain, but then his hair grew ever spikier then a normal super sayain. The Namekian's sensed his power level spike to one million five hundred thirteen and two hundred fifty. ' Woah! We might have to take this guy seriously! Look's like we are going to murge! The giant namekian said on the left! Then they both reverted to their normal sized form's. ' Zyk you can take over! ' Then Zyk said, ' Than's Brother! ' Then Zyk put's his hand on his brother's chest, then the un named namek power's up, and then in a instant Zyk is the only namek there besides Cu, who was still on the ground. But there was something diffrent about Zyk his power level was one million five hundred!

Zyk had a smirk on his face, ' Bring it! ' Then Ichiro flickered over to Zyk and kicked at his face, but Zyk also flickered grabbing his foot. Ichiro put his hand's behind his back, then he released ki around his hand's forming the fog of green ki, then he sharpened it forming his saber tooth technique. Then Ichiro punched at Zyk, the saber tooth stabbing him in the side of his rib cage, then they're was purple blood dripping down. Then Zyk grabbed is side, letting go of Ichiro's leg. Then Ichiro flickered in front of Zyk about twenty feet away. ' Well aren't you smart, with your hand spear! ' Then Zyk flickered behind Ichiro while his gaurd was down. chopping him in the neck. Ichiro was falling down to the ground head first, but he stuck his hand's out, then he landed with his saber tooth's going into the ground then Ichiro levitating, then Ichiro pulled them out. ' Hmm not much of a fighter now are you! ' Then Ichiro began to fly straight to Zyk, then he began spinning around, making his saber tooth's form a drill! ' I call this Saber Tooth Drill! ' Then Ichiro was almost at Zyk till he flickered to the side, but Ichiro flickered behind him drilling into his back. Ichiro almost made a complete hole through Zyk's body still he stopped drilling into Zyk. Then Zyk grabbed Ichiro and but a finger on him and blasted him in the chest, knocking him back down to Namek. Then Ichiro had a hole in his shirt, then they're was a cut on his chest, leaking blood.

' You can actually make me bleed! ' Ichiro gasped just to make fun of Zyk. 'Grr... ' Zyk started to charge a special beam cannon, his arm's bulging making it look like his muscles were growing larger, but he was just using some of his Ki, then he shouted, ' Special....Beam....CANNON! ' Then they're was a small ray, that was red and orange, then they're was circles circling it of the same color heading to Ichiro. Ichiro just dodged by doing a side step to the left. ' Well that was quite easy to dodge! I think it is time to end you! ' Ichiro start's to charge a genocide beam, he was really going to have to use some ki on this one, if he held back he wouldn't die! Ichiro's finger's were like glowing with ki right now, ' Alright this is it for you Zyk! ' Ichiro fired his genocide beam, then he flickered to Zyk holdinng him with the neck with one hand, and the other on Ichiro's forehead, reading to use Instant Transmission to dodge. The beam was almost there, then Ichiro used instant transmission just at the right second. Not giving Zyk enough time to dodge. Then Zyk dropped down, with a hole through his body. Then Ichiro was standing beside Cu who was normal size but Ichiro didn't realized he had until the fight was over. ' Oh thank you I owe you my life! What's your name, you didn't tell me I think! ' ' My name is Ichiro! And no I owe you! That was the most even battle I have ever fought in! You ever wanted to go to another planet Cu? I mean I want to thank you! ' ' Yes definitely! I've seen everything here! ' ' How about you follow me to a different planet? ' ' I would love that thank you! ' ' Alright follow me! ' Then the two flew off together, Ichiro was going to fulfill Cu's dream.

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Learning Two Moves.. well maybe Empty
PostSubject: Re: Learning Two Moves.. well maybe   Learning Two Moves.. well maybe EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 6:00 pm

Originality:pretty original i give it a 8

Creativity: The use of his moves was new so 12

Logically: I find it kinda hard to believe that two namekians who had the upper hand would risk actually powering down so in this i give it 2

Fighting/ training:The fighting was intense I liked it it showed detail attacks and good strength however It seemed as if he was trying to hard to be that good so out of respect for the try i give it 15

Story: the story was interesting I liked it not many twists it seemed kinda...straightforward for that i give it a 3

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Learning Two Moves.. well maybe
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