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 Reforming and renaming.

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Reforming and renaming. Empty
PostSubject: Reforming and renaming.   Reforming and renaming. EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 2:20 pm

Raz floated in space his arms behind him as his cool red eyes looked over the rubble that was once a great planet full of life and love, raz reached out a arm his power level completely at max his power level reached out all over space. Raz slid both hand's up as all the pieces stopped as they begin flying back together in perfect fit Ki energy fused each piece one by one as Raz worked tirelessly to reform his own future planet Power echoed off the breaks and rips as the powerful majin worked like a endless machine to restore the once great planet to it's true former glory no even better to become the planet of the most powerful being in the universe Raz the Majin God.

Raz sat in a meditative state as his body worked endlessly grabbing every piece every rock and stone working them back pieces he couldn't find he just grabbed stuff from building pieces that had been sent into space to repair something and molded into another form, The great majin felt tiredness come on and ate a senzu bean his power spiking back up to max so he could work longer and harder. Raz worked for weeks in space with a bag of senzu beans and massive concentration finally Planet yardat was revived but it was different now it was now the Emperors planet Planet Empire.

Raz floated down landing on the smooth ground his eyes flicking here and there as he examined his work he was surprised at it himself amazed at how far he had progressed in reforming the planet, Raz walked over the smooth surface his feet light on the plane the had forgotten how light gravity had become spending so much time meditating. Raz stopped at a clear open spot and nodded as he raised a hand his power shaking the planet as a massive mountain begin rising from the ground. Raz worked his mind inside the Mountain and begin tearing pieces down with Ki energy making a throne room a dining room a council room and all else a Castle would need finally Raz nodded but still he knew he wasn't finished.

Raz roared as 5 little Buu's shot out each a million in power and with a nod they flew out using there speed and Ki to build houses and buildings People of all races would be brought here to live androids changelings sayians humans namekians all would live on his planet and others.(Not all of them that be too much but all races). Raz walked into his castle having made a massive stone double swinging door walking past said door Raz found his throne room and a large chair made out of black marble. Raz Sat down as he looked over it he smirked as a rare mineral was pulled out the ground and made into a majestic crown the King of the Universe finally had a Planet and a throne.

Raz looked out the speedy majins had already built houses and a few buildings he would leave them to there work in a instant he could have all there power back and they would just drop onto the ground little red blobs so he felt secure now all that was left was his two main allies Ichi his right hand and Lance his general.
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Reforming and renaming.
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