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 Escape from Rangon Forest

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PostSubject: Escape from Rangon Forest   Escape from Rangon Forest EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 10:14 am


Midori ran up to a tree of the Namekian forest, fist held back, and he unleashed his fist upon the tree and it came towering down, Midori stood and gasped for breath, he had trained for hours on end, and it was still morning. He wiped sweat from his forehead... He then felt a grip on his back, he yelled in pain and turned around the find a tree.... Moving! It let out a mighty roar and it’s ivy covered beard flowed in the wind. “YOU HAVE DESTROYED TO MANY OF MY BRETHERIN MIDORI! SON OF PARA!” It roared as tree sap spurted out of his mouth “Yuck! say it don’t spray it!” yelled Midori back at the tree, the tree gripped around the small Namekian child’s torso harder and with more strength. “Agghhh!” Midori yelled the tree dropped him to the ground “I thought the tree’s were just.. well, PLANTS!” Midori yelled as he held a ki blast hidden behind his back, ready to strike in time of need. “Not in this forest you idiot! NOT IN RANGON FOREST!” Midori gulped in, “Okay okay, I’m sorry, I’ll just get goi-“ Spikes vines and thorns emerged from the ground and wrapped themselves around Midori piercing him in several places. “YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE YET!” The tree man yelled...

Midori struggled to break free of the vines and blood dripped down from all parts of his body onto the ground, the more he pulled, the more he pierced his own body, and the more he pierced his body, the weaker he became “STRUGGLED AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!” Midori coughed up some blood, “Oh yeah?” He grabbed the vines by the roots, and tugged with all his might, ripping them out of the ground, and he succeeded, he was now gushing blood, but he didn’t care, he could sort it out later, Midori, held back his hand and spun the vine around, lasso style, he then whipped it forwards and it wrapped around the giant tree man, he then tugged the tree down and it landed on the ground with a smash, Midori then dropped the vine and dashed away, he wasn’t planning on fighting the tree man after seeing what he could do. “YOU WILL NOT LIVE TO TELL THE TELL OF THIS FOREST MIDORI! YOU SHALL NOT LIVE!!!!” He yelled, the voice became gradually quieter and Midori dashed away through the forest, Midori then increased his speed... And...

CRASH! He smashed into a tree and he fell down to the ground, he then tumbled down a tree covered hill, constantly bashing himself off of trees and logs, he then stopped rolling down as his chest rammed into a solid rock, he coughed up blood “Agh!” he lay and slowly and shakily pushed himself up... “The trees move in the forest young warrior,” the voice of the tree man echoed in his head “They will get you....”

Midori pushed himself up and stumbled, he had lost a lot of blood, he then held his hands to his chest and his hands began to glow green, it was a much longer process to heal yourself with the Namekian healing technique, but it would help Midori a great deal.

10 minutes later...

Midori was still healing himself, he was about halfway through the cuts had sealed up now almost completely, but were still there... Midori took in a deep breath... a green object darted past Midori, he stopped the process. It darted past Again followed by three of the same thing... “What the...” “AGH!” The three objects sliced through Midori’s arm, cutting it straight off, he then realised them as razor sharp leaves, “AGGGHHHH!” Midori yelled in pain, he fell to the ground, clutching the spot in which his arm should have been, and a small stub poked out, he began using the regeneration technique, special trait only of the Namekians, and then the rest of his arm grew, and five fingers appeared.... Midori then stood up, ready for another attack. The leaves the shot towards him again and Midori quickly ducked under them and he then dashed away from them at full speed the leaves followed him, joined by at least thirty other leaves, Midori ran quicker, and quicker, and quicker, and he approached a tree, he dashed up it, running vertically, and the leaves all crashed into the tree, stuck.... Midori jumped down and inspected his work. “I didn’t exactly plan that to happen but hey, I ain’t complanin’.” He said to himself, a vine whipped out at him “Whoah!” He said as he fell to the ground in a successful but somewhat painful attempt to get out of the way of the vine he then scrambled up and leaped high, he landed on a branch of a tree, “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!” He said, He then began flying upwards through the branches to get away from the forest, he seemed to have been flying for at least a half hour, he then stopped, and looked down, he had advanced a bit “What the! But I could see the branches go by as I flew up a-and.” “ENOUGH! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FROM THIS FOREST, I HAVE ALREADY TOLD YOU! IT’S IMPOSSSIBLE!” “Grr... I WILL ESCAPE!” Midori said as he descended to the ground and began running across the ground in a desperate attempt to escape, “I have to escape!” He ran full speed, this time being more careful to avoid the many many branches of the enormous forest. He ran and ran, and then stopped for a breath, he inhaled, and then exhaled deeply... He then felt a hard, burnt wood felling gripping hard on his torso... Another tree man, it gripped tightly around Midori, while Midori pushed against his fist with all his strength, it wasn’t enough.

Midori pushed harder and harder, sweat dripping down to the ground “HAAAA!!!!!” He kept pushing the Tree man laughed, this one didn’t seem to be able to talk. He was by far stronger than the first tree man and despite Midori’s efforts he was unable to escape, there was one option, use his giant form....

“HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Midori grew slightly “AAAAAAA!” Muscles bulged as he grew more and dropped down from the tree’s grip with a smash as he landed on the ground and he grew, and grew, he now equalled the height of the tree, he smiled and sent an incredibly strong punch into the tree man, he was knocked back and he felt o the ground, Midori had no plans of killing this tree man, only knocking him out, Midori sent more punches into the tree man, and finally a mighty blast to the chest. The tree man coughed up tree sap and fell to the ground unconscious... Midori then shrank again, he turned to his right to see a small amount of light peeking through far off into the distance, he squinted his eyes, he had reached, the exit, Midori charged towards the exit full speed and then emerged from the forest, he smiled and then fell to the ground on his knees, and fell unconscious due to exhaustion.

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PostSubject: Re: Escape from Rangon Forest   Escape from Rangon Forest EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 10:54 am

For Power Level Readings:

(out of 100)

Originality: 1-10 : 6, I've seen something like this a few other time's but not too many times

Creativity: 1-15 : Well forming the ball of ki, wasn't too original, and then you forgot about it. So, 4

Logically: 1-10, 10, I could believe this. After all you did meet the tree's size then take him down

Fighting/ training: 1-50 , 45

Story: 1-15, 7, I kinda saw the tree's coming, but I forgot all about the giant form, and then you knocking it out. I thought you would have like pushed him down then keep on running or something

You get 86,400.

I used my calculator, so this should be correct.
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Escape from Rangon Forest
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