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 Vegeto's training

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PostSubject: Vegeto's training   Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:41 pm

Vegeto awoke. He had a sudden need of training. He then got up and started punching the air. He then went Kaio-ken x2. He then started throwing punches. kicks and blast everywhere. He then used every energy in his body. This is getting me nowhere. Maybe King Yemma has a place. King KAi I'm off" Vegeto said. He then flew at full speed over yemma's. When he touched down he hurried in. Hey do you have any training areas" Vegeto asked. YEs but you have to be accepted by the grand Kai otherwise no. If it's training you want you should've stayed at King KAi. With that talk over Vegeto flew back to King Kai's place. He then asked King Kai if there was any place to train and it has to have lot's of objects and strong opponents. Grand Kai has a perfect area but your not ready meanwhile I'll just transform it around you. How many power level should your opponents have." King Kai said. Well I was thinking about 100,000, or above." Vegeto said. How about one with 80,000 and another with 100,000" King Kai said then right away Vegeto was surrounded by trees and in front of him where the two opponents. Vegeto then powered up and sprinted toward the weakest one. He kicked him but to no avail. Vegeto then tried ki attacks but the strong one deflected it. Vegeto then went Kaio ken x2 and went all out against the opponents. Soon enough he was thrown. HE got angry and went at them at full power he managed to get a few attacks landed but they soon blasted him. Vegeto then powered up to Kaioken x2 and tried going higher but his body couldn't. He then decided to stay like this. He then attacked the one with the lower power. Vegeto was lower than him but he was the easiest target. Vegeto went at full powered and punched him. They were now almost even. The delivered blow after blow. The strong one seemed to enjoyed it. Vegeto kicked the weak one in the gut then threw him. Vegeto then charged at him with all his power and punched him in the stomach landing high damage. Vegeto then came out of Kaioken with all then power he used. He then felt strong. He charged up went Kaio ken again but this time stronger he was now 3x normal Kaio ken. Vegeto then flew to him and in amazing speed he punched him the face. Vegeto then fired a masenko. He then tried a new move he was trying out the shining sword attack. Vegeto took out his sword then started slashing him he then ended with the the ki wave. He had succeeded in the move he was trying out. He then yelled yes and turned to the other one. Your next" Vegeto said with his power surging. He then flew to him and punched him in the gut and then kicked him in the face throwing him. You'll regret that" the guy said flying at Vegeto. He then kicked him in the stomach strong enough to get Vegeto on his knees. Vegeto spitted a little blood. I'm gonna destroy you" Vegeto said powering up. Vegeto then punched him in the face he then fired a kamehameha that brought the guy to one of his knees. What happened. Why does that hurts so much. What's happening to you " the guy said. Vegeto then kicked him in the face. The guy spitted blood and then went berserk and started hitting Vegeto flat. Vegeto spitted blood and then some more. Vegeto laughed Man... you... s sure... are strong" Vegeto said hardly. He then powered up and kicked him in the jaw almost sending him off King Kai's planet. Vegeto then powered up and somehow managed to fire a masenko. The man was on the floor getting up when the masenko hit him. The guy then got up and his power level then went up he then floor to Vegeto and kicked his face. Vegeto was thrown. T this has to e end" Vegeto said slowly. He then was getting up with ease somehow something was helping him up. He then said let's end this. They both charged at each other with all of there power. They then began charging kamehamehas. They both fired it when they were close to each other causing a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared they were both on the floor panting hard. They slowly rose. Vegeto was exhausted. He slowly took out his sword. It's time to end this" Vegeto said. He slowly sprinted toward the guy. When he was close enough he slashed him slowly. And with the last bit of energy he fired the wave destroying the man. After that everything went back to normal. Was that good enough for ya" King Kai asked. Vegeto slowly said yes with a smile.

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PostSubject: Re: Vegeto's training   Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:09 am

Originality: 5, it was kinda just a basic fight, but because of King Kai creating the opponenents and scenery with illusions it was given a 5

Creativity:6, I liked the idea of King Kai creating the illusions, as said above, which was pretty creative.

Logically: 4, I don't see how you could defeat to enemys that were considerably stronger than you

Fighting/ training: 29, some good fighting bits

Story:5, wasn't really much of a story in my opinion, it seemed to me as trainign and a spar.

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Vegeto's training
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