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 Playing The "Hero"

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Name: Arashi

PostSubject: Playing The "Hero"   Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:16 pm

It was around 11:00pm, the night sky darkened the entire city as the New Moon formed. Arashi found himself walking, alone, with both hands in his pockets and a freshly opened candy sucker in his mouth (pause). He wore his usual grey hoody and all black pants while carrying his trusty sword across his back. Growing tired, Arashi realized how late it was and headed for the hotel which he stayed when his interest was captured by a voice coming from a very suspicious alley to his left. The young warrior ceased walking and turned to see what was going on. What he witnessed wasn't suprising though Arashi was disgusted by it. Three rather large men mugging a middle age fat man.

Arashi wondered why it took three guys to beat up one man who wasn't even fighting back. These guys were nothing but low life theives who felt it necessary to have a bunch of guys similar to themselves around at all times in order to be proud of their masculinity. Sounded a little feminine. There was no way Arashi could let these girls get away with this, so the young warrior decided to put an end to it. He slowly walked toward the scene until he was only a feet away from the muggers and they noticed him...

"....if you know whats good for you, you'll turn back around, kid"' One of the thugs said while holding the defenseless man up against the brickwall with a pocket knife up pressing against his neck. Arashi chuckles abit at the mans threat. The others didn't seem to like Arashi's arrogance at all, for they quickly approached while growling like some wild animal. Arashi wasn't the type to be intimidated, despite the two men being noticably larger than him, the young warrior did not flinch. He glared back into their eyes as he looked up at them. If he was going to stop the mugging he would have to do it by violence, just the way he liked it.

"Move" Arashi said simply.


"If you don't move . . . . you won't be able to . . . . . ever" Arashi threatened in an attempt at giving these guys one more chance.

"NO" They both replied seemingly unphased by Arashi's comments. The human would have no choice now. He slowly moved his arm toward the handle of his sword which rested behind his head. In an attempt to prevent Arashi from reaching his weapon, one of the thugs quickly grabbed his arm but he wasn't qucik enough for Arashi had already gripped the handle of his blade. for a moment, there was an pause until the other thug decided that this was the perfect time to grab Arashi. The Goon grabbed the boys head and began squeezing it as hard as he could before attempting to lift Arashi up. With great force, Arashi drove his fist into the large gut of the thug. The man would release Arashi and fell to his knees, clutching his stomach in agony. before the remaining thug had a chance to react, Arashi aggressively pulled his sword from out of its shealth which made the thug who thought he was restraining Arashi from using it, go flying to Arashi's right. The young teen then grabbed the immobilized man by his T-Shirt and threw him foward deeper into the alley where he crashed into a green dumpster.

"Well now that they're out of the way...Shall we?"

Arashi said as he brought his attention to the main mugger whom still held the helpless man but now using him as a hostage/human shield. Arashi took a deep breath and slowly entered his fighting stance, his legs wide apart with his left foot infront, his left arm mimicing his leg, his sword held with his right hand close to his neck. Arashi knew that this man would do anything to ensure that he didn't get hurt or captured, which meant the hostage was in danger.

"Back away or i'll kill him!"

The thug threatened. Arashi was unmoved though, not that he didn't care if the goon killed the man but he knew it was only a bluff. He wouldn't risk getting even more jail town for pointlessly killing someone unless he knew he would get away with it and having a blade aimed at his face wasn't so convinvcing. The young warrior slowly walked toward the man who was about 8ft away from him, he could see the fear on the face of the captured man. Obviously he wanted Arashi to just turn around and go home in hopes that it would save his life, but Arashi couldn't do that. He had to teach these guys a lesson.

"Is that right?....Well i'm not going anywhere....so kill em" Arashi said with a grin

"Are you insane!!" The man yelled.

Without warning, the goon tossed the man by his head and quickly threw his pocket knife at Arashi's face. Arashi easily sidesteps the blade, following it with his eye's as it barely missed his nose and flew behiind him. "Well that was a close one hehe" AHe thought. Once Arashi turned his head back around, the Thug had already pulled out two pistols and prepared to fire.

"That's n-"


Before Arashi had the chance to finish his sentence, the shots were fired and headed straight for him. Quickly the young Earthling reacted by using his blade to deflect the bullets. Despite the great speed gun shots were known for, they seemed to be moving in slow motion in Arashi's eyes, as did most things when he focused. One by one the bullets bounced off of his steel sword. The facial expression one the thugs face was priceless, he was astounded by Arashi's speed.

"As i was saying....That probably wasn't in you best intrest.." Arashi said cockily with his trademark grin.

"Wha-What the hell are you.." The man said as he slowly backed up in fear. Arashi wasn't about to waste anymore time playing with this fool so he sprinted into action, appearing next to the man in a matter of seconds. Swiftly he struck the man in his mid section with the handle of his sword. The Goon began to fall helplessly to the ground but would only be greeted by the knee of the young warrior before he had the chance to land saftly on the ground. The impact caused the man to fly up off of his feet and in the air before falling to the ground a yard away. Arashi grinned seeing that he had successfully rescued a citizen in need, but was shocked to not be thanked. He looked around for the overweight man but he was no where to be found.

"Great...you're welcome" The human said as he walked away, dissapointed...

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Posts : 3
Join date : 2010-07-08

Scouter Reading
Power Level: 64,396
Race: Human
Name: Arashi

PostSubject: Re: Playing The "Hero"   Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:19 pm

Word Count: 1122
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PostSubject: Re: Playing The "Hero"   Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:29 pm

'If you don't move . . . . you won't be able to . . . . . ever'

I love that line Smile

Originality: 1-10:4 I'm gonna be honest, I've seen it before

Creativity: 1-15:8, no comment

Logically: 1-10 :8, it would have been 9... But I don't see how you would get into the hotel with a sword on your back o-o

Fighting/ training: 1-50 : 28 quite a bit of fighting, it was nicely detailed, so you get 35

Story: 1-15 :8, it was pretty good, but as I already said, I've seen this sort of thing quite a bit before.

So in total you got 64

*grabs calculater*


Well done! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Playing The "Hero"   

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Playing The "Hero"
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