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 Offer for the fight, (anyone allowed to fight)

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Offer for the fight, (anyone allowed to fight) Empty
PostSubject: Offer for the fight, (anyone allowed to fight)   Offer for the fight, (anyone allowed to fight) EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 9:30 am

It was the crack of dawn, the clouds gathered around the sky and the sun rose steadily up into the air, making the sky behind it painted with the orange dopey light of the sun as it painted and trickled over the heavens, down on the planet of Earth where the trees swayed and bowed down to the passing winds and the morning chill of the breeze swept across the country side, up though the mountains and rustling down though the mud.

Far up into the sky of planet Earth the high hill top of mountains stood like beacons upon the planet gazing down at the planets surface in defiance to everything around it. The mountain was snow capped as the whistling air was turned into white snow flakes as it reached further and further up, the snow around the top of the mountain was very hard and had turned into the ice due to the cold weather rushing though the landscape.
The sun's rays only served to make the snow seem golden as it slowly struck up into the sky, sweeping away the darkness of the night and bringing forth the new day.

Down below the mountain lay a wreckage of rooftops and freshly smoldering burning wood and stone, the grass underfoot was covered with ash and people lay massacred along the streets, there faces contorted into grim pictures of terror as they attempted to make there escape, running away from a demon it would seem.
It was not just the men that had died however, young children bodes littered the ground and there mothers clutching them in there arms had died on the spot, curled up in the roofless buildings as there arms burning with the fires that still littered the area, even though it had passed though the night.

High above the mountain, on the layer just beneath the top, where the snow was thickest and the cold winds were harshest sat a saiyan warrior, his white shirt almost camouflaged against the rock he sat upon if not for the long streaks of blood that trickled down there shirt and had stained into the material. The saiyan warrior bore gray trousers with only a few specks of blood, that flowed down straight into the boots that were on his feet, covered with snow, on his arms lay bracers huge and thick, wrapped with leather, both the bracers and boots bore the same blood red gems imbedded in them, the saiyan warriors hair was stricken with snow that ran down his face, his eyes were sharp and narrow as they observed the sun rising up to the heavens, the glow of the sun reflected off his ear piece attached to his ear love.
The saiyan warriors name, was Mustang.

Mustang assumed that it was time, to smoke in the pleasures of the devil, he truly wished to experience the remorse of killing the citizens below but he just couldn't, he had done and seen so much.. The only way from here was forward.

Mustang stood up from the snow, looking over the landscape and let his evil, tainted aura flood out around him sending a calling beacon of ki surrounding the landscape for anyone who could feel it and be attracted to fight by it, for good or ill.
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Offer for the fight, (anyone allowed to fight)
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