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 Assassinations and Mysteries

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PostSubject: Assassinations and Mysteries   Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:36 am

Drip..,Drip..,Drip... That was the sound of a loose pipe down in the dark basement of a little known building swept out onto a island which was able to hold a small fortress atop of it, here a council of cruel hearted and admittedly intelligent men had gathered talking, scheming and manipulating themselves into more power than the other. Here trust was as hard to find as a needle in a hay stack, lies and secrets were as easy to see as shadows but like shadows what ever you do it will never stop nor go away and always catch up to you.
It was a dark and evil night, rain was thundering against the stone of the castle and lightning bolts struck down from the sky into the river that was circling the castle.

The ground was sodden with rain and the dirt was wet and sloppy underneath the dead grass, one dead tree was standing next to the archway for the entrance to this castle as more rain thundered against the stone eroding and punching it, little by little.

Deep in the caverns there was rows of lead pipes applying pluming to the whole level of these evil over lords who sat quietly behind a long and musty table, along the table there were chairs pulled up which was almost as dank as the wet walls around them, and the constant flowing of drips coming from the broken pipes down onto the table making a dark patch in this already musty table.

Sitting on these chairs were members of this house hold… All of them were dressed in long black robes with the inner layer red, sitting at the table they looked at one another… Some seemed frightened others looked menacing and some were completely devoid of all emotion at all.
The robed man at the top of the table closed his hand into a fist and slammed down onto the desk, making the robed figures slowly turn there head toward him with the resounding noise… The noise echoed down the hall ways bouncing off the wet walls as though the very walls themselves were shrieking at the vibrations.

“Enough! I’ve had it with out skulking in the darkness and taking no action against those that have stripped us of our pride and honour, we have the weapon why not use it against him!”

The man shouted at them… There was a moments silence until a streak of red light flashed from the other side of the table igniting the surrounding darkness with a blinding flash of ki streaking toward the man, this hooded figure didn’t have a moments chance before the ki enveloped him and with one final yell his body and robes were eradicated from existents… All that was left were the hem of his robes which were fluttering to the floor soon to let time take there course on them.

Some around the table had stood up, others were just looking blankly down onto the ripped robes that were all of left of there companion.

“Our way is the law.. Yet you are right about one thing it is time to strike against those who pushed us aside. But I will not be interrupted again.”

Taking a few steps out of the shadows from the other end the speaker came out of them with his hood pulled low over his head and taking a steady stroll to sitting down onto the chair.
Looking up in the same robes but a different curvy design in the embroidering on his clothing looked up to the table.

“We will attack a city… But send one of our weaker super warriors to take care of it we will use him as… A experiment ha, ha, ha”

There was one last drip from the pipe before one pair of bright yellow eyes would open and set out over the sky toward the city leaving behind him a emboldened yellow beam of light as he travelled at this high speed.

The day morning was bright, the clouds were travelling in front of the sun blocking it from view but small amounts of heat kept the populace of the planet happy enough to carry on there daily business.
Far where the targeted city lay, Mustang was practicing his techniques punching, kicking and other physical abilities which he possessed,
Mustang was wearing his usual white long sleeved shirt, his grey trousers fastened to the hips and his bracers and boots with large blood red gems inside them,
Mid way though a round house kick Mustang stopped completely frozen with the sudden empounding nature of power that trembled though his skull and sent waves of elation and euphoria though his brain waves though the rest of his body,
Completing his round house kick which sent the rocks in front of him exploding into several different directions which were the size of pebbles with the resounding force of the blow against the wind.

Mustang slammed his foot down onto the floor in front of his body covering his weight mostly to his front leg.

“Duty calls, now it’s time to finally call out for my honour!”

Mustang let the wind ruffle though his hair before he leaped up into the air above sending the dirt flying everywhere from under foot, Mustang streaked though the air like a bullet shot out from the barrel his ki leaving a trail of silver behind him and a roof of silver ki in front of him at the pure speed he was travelling at.

Mustang changed course to the outside of the city where the powerful emotion of energy was coming from.
Mustang stopped in the air waiting for the black dot to come closer so that he could begin this battle,
Underneath him lay a city crawling with cars all different colours like a insane lady bird gathering and huge slabs of buildings everywhere underneath him were sparkling with cleanness.

Mustang watched the thing fly faster toward him, before steadily coming into pure sight and stopping dead in front of Mustang both of there foreheads were touching and Mustang looked dead into his yellow eyes as they stared each other down.

The thing was human shaped but it’s eyes were far to bright and gave the feeling that there were head lamps glaring into your eyes, the head was bald and emotionless almost as though he was carved out of stone yet with blind mistakes here and there, such as a dent in the forehead or one of the eyes were slightly wider than the other. The rest of his body was in a suit, a black blazer was over his arms and the sides of his body, underneath it he wore a white shirt and was wearing a normal pair of black trousers.

These two warriors stood face to face before Mustang said to him,

“I’m Mustang… Let’s see how long you last I promise if you last more than one minute I’ll take your remains and turn you into something useful, like a cat scratching post.”

Mustang mocked,

“Destroy, Destroy, Destroy DESTROY!!”

This thing yelled at Mustang.

“You took my line… Now I WILL DESTROY YOU!”

There foreheads crackled with lighting spraying from the friction of the glare that they were giving each other,
Kousen and the thing leaped back into there individual stances as Mustang waited for the go, a few moments past where the clouds streamed into the distance and the rivers sparkled with glee before a fish would leap up and slap it’s self back into the water with a loud thud.
This was natures sign and the two warriors heeded the call,

Both flashed from there standing points and swung there fists to there hips as the two auras clashed together in a climatic explosion and the two warriors fists collided together neither giving a inch.
They would remain there for a second until both would regain there standing and engage each other in a furious round of punches and kicks that would set back neither, as kicks and punches flew toward each other those in the city would look on as the rivers exploded up into the sky with random numbers of fish, and the clouds steadily separated and regained focus as huge bubbles of power smashed into the atmosphere.
Mustang and the thing were letting loose and were already causing the glass of random buildings to shake nervously in there holsters.

Near the end of this little exchange of blows Kousen and the thing would punch at each other with a stunning amount of force that would send both of them back.

Mustang regained his stance and shot after the thing who had not prepared quickly enough, diving though the air he shot a punch towards him but he would vanish with the amount of speed and reappear to beside him, Mustang knew what was coming and was in no position to negotiate with this he gritted his teeth and tensed for the pain.

Like a bullet the things legs shot up and smashed straight into Mustangs’s rib cage sending him into the sky just as Mustang reopened his eyes his foe had disappeared Mustang had no idea where he had gone but suddenly he had found his answer as two hands clamped together smashed into his back, Mustang gave a yell of pain and sped toward the ground as the thing would vanish once again,

“Not this time!”

Mustang yelled as he concentrated his ki into his body, his body was enhanced with this system of ki pushing it to it’s limit momentarily and he himself moved so fast he could hardly believe he had achieved it, suddenly appearing behind this fiend instead of the other way around he swung his right leg up bent. Before he would swing in the things rib cage smashing him though the air and just over the city, before he would recover and flip back in the air and regain feeling after the huge blow upon his body.

The thing spat on the ground as Mustang sped in for another attack, not as fast as before because he needed to conserve his ki for later use.
Mustang sped toward him like a bullet, the ground underneath rumbled up and down as this being that was almost like a super nova sped over it and clashed with this monstrous being once again.
This thing and Mustang would once engage in combat flying down into the streets and punching and kicking though the middle of the road as they sped backwards and forth, they sent cars going in all directions some crashing into buildings others being unlucky enough to hit one of these two and almost exploding because of it.

Both of them reappeared in the air as Mustang swung his leg at the things head but it would duck as the leg sailed right over it, momentum would carry Mustang so that his back was slightly turned to his being. Mustang felt a blinding pain as the thing rested his hand against his back and shot a green ki blast directly behind the centre of his back which would of sent him flying down toward the floor however the thing grabbed Mustangs’s head banned and swung him around over his head before throwing him down to the roads with all the strength in his arm, with a resounding CRASH! Mustang found his target…

The force of the impact sent shock waves though the streets making nearly all the windows crash and shatter into thousands of pieces, glass fell like rain across the streets and random citizens were running for there lives with brief cases over there heads or other things to protect them from this down pour of glass and devastation.
The buildings around this shock wave were nearly all destroyed and were all shattered with the resounding force of these blows.

The thing would slowly travel down at this little studio of carnage and wreckage, he would slowly walk down the street with his feet finding the ground for the first time, in a long time.

Mustang was on all fours on the crater breathing hard though his mouth, his top was ripped to shreds only leaving his bare skin to cover his back, Mustang clambered up onto one knee as the thing simply said…


Raising up his hand where a much larger green ball of energy was being emitted that would wipe out this whole entire city, Mustang didn’t really care about the city but he knew that he must defeat this complete diabolical genius of a fighter to progress, Mustang clambered up from this crater and said loudly,

“I’m still here! I will not be scrapped by a useless recording machine like you!”

Mustang roared with adrenaline and power that caused the crater to grow wider now taking down buildings into the fray of smoldering dust and carnage, silver waves of ki from Kousen’s body enveloped all that was around him with a silver glow and his fists trembled up and down with the ground throwing up handfuls of grit and stone in front of him with the amount of power that was being transmitted from his body.

Mustang leaped up slightly channeling all the ki into every part of his body once again, Kousen smashed though the ground his aura flying around him as the green ball of energy was launched at Kousen,
Kousen charged into this green explosion with his arms crossed over his head, a trench of destruction left behind him as he flew past him.

The aura and the wave of green ki entered contact as a explosion erupted all around Kousen who felt blinding pain all over his body as he flew past it, the only thing that stopped him from being ripped to shreds was his pure determination,

Leaping out of the green glow he shot straight toward the Thing who was sure that his opponent was defeated and done for, Mustang appeared straight next to him with his hand resting on his gut, Mustang emitted all the ki from his body straight into his hand and caused it to glow with ki for his primary attack of purge.
Kousen leaped up into the air with him as the power sliced though his gut, Mustang could feel the various things from within… Not at all like humans and green fluid was being burnt with the ki,

Mustang spun around back to the Earth and smashed down onto the ground pressing the body against the ground as Mustang launched the purge directly into the centre of the being of his opponent.
With a resounding explosion that caused the whole area to be covered with a bright and shimmering white light that cased all of the glass on the ground to work like they’ve never worked before, the roads split and become nothing but rubble, and all the buildings sank to the ground totally worthless and useless along with everything inside of them… Everything.

After a few seconds the light dimmed away to leave Mustang kneeling in a crater that the size of a meteor would hit with his hand in the ground, nothing left of the once known thing. Mustang stood up and raised one fist into the air feeling pain take him over,

“I win… I.. Am… The stronge--”

Mustang fell onto the floor unconscious due to the amount of pain he was in… However his injuries were not serious and he would soon recover from this and be able to continue his journey once again.

Word count: 2569
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PostSubject: Re: Assassinations and Mysteries   Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:11 am

I give 20,000 for this it is good in length and detail other admins if you wish to rise it or lower it up to you.
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PostSubject: Re: Assassinations and Mysteries   Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:57 am

Can I ask for a remark according to the new mark scheme?
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PostSubject: Re: Assassinations and Mysteries   Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:17 am

No, all graded topics before the grading rubric will stay as they are, although, any further topics will be marked using it.
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PostSubject: Re: Assassinations and Mysteries   Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:19 am

Well.. This ones up for debate on the marks and I've not actully got the gains from them so...
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PostSubject: Re: Assassinations and Mysteries   

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Assassinations and Mysteries
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