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 Snake Way Here I Come.

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Snake Way Here I Come. Empty
PostSubject: Snake Way Here I Come.   Snake Way Here I Come. EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 9:07 pm

Quest Overview: It seemed King Yemma has advised you to meet up with King Kai. But first, you must travel the long snake way, it might take days to complete the whole cycle and enter King Kai's planet. You must travel snakeway for this mission to complete. Must have good/neutral alignment

Rewards: Access to King Kai's Planet.

(optional) Quest Overview: Running half way to snake way, you encounter a castle. For most of the curious types, one would enter the castle and browse around the interior. Looking around, you would find Princess Snake in a bad mood, licking her lips and viciously looking at you. It time you kill the snake queen before she eats you. (PL, 2500)
Rewards: +6,000 PL
After dieing matt was sent to a giant oger. Who told him to go to king kai's planet. As he ran across the snake way he saw an oger in what seemed to be a golf cart. "Well ok then." he thought as he ran past the oger. "WHY IS THIS DAMN THING SO LONG!?!?!" he yelled in his head. As he stopped infront of a house he was sucked into it by a snake head.

-five minutes later-

"RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!" matt yelled in his head as he ran away from a giant stone snake. "Wait what the hell am i afraid of?" he asked as he turned around and stuck his arm out. "Turn into gum!" he yelled as a beam shot out and hit the snake turning it into gum. Matt rushed and grabed the gum and started to chew it. As he reached the end of snake way he saw a small planet "Guess this is my stop." he said jumping onto the planet. "I guess your here for the traning?" a small alien like creatrue said "I guess i am." matt said with a smile.
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Snake Way Here I Come. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Snake Way Here I Come.   Snake Way Here I Come. EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 11:55 pm

Approved, sorry I kind of messed it up trying to split my topic, I screwed up and posted it here.
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Snake Way Here I Come.
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