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 Vilian has risen

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PostSubject: Vilian has risen   Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:53 pm

Name: A Hero/Villain has risen.

Description: You find a Hero/Villaiin of the opposite alignment, Saving/Destroying a city. You must destroy him. He is stronger than you, but just barely. Unless he is angry in which case you're probably screwed heh heh...

Rewards: 5000 pl, +10 alignment if you saved the city, -10 alignment if you destroy it.

Note: if you want the good ailgnment path post A Hero has risen if you want to go the evil path post a Villain has risen. If you want to have no alignment change what so ever, ask for it at the end of quest.

In the depths of space, the planet Earth spun on it's endless circle around the sun shifting with the time steadily breezing though the ages, the night sky was cloudy and stricken over the planet like a swarm of black locus, the wind whistled though the trees making them bow down to the wind as it rustled though sweeping there branches off there feet and attempting to lift them away as it swept though, the grass it's self rustled this way and that as the wind thundered though it.

On a small farm land, where the cows were swept in there pens and the harvested crops were being safely stored inside the respective store houses, in the main farm house, a tall yet scrubby looking building with a lot of weeds creeping up from the side crossing each other as they did so.
A small young boy aged around six was looking out though the window ledge, he was small wearing a knitted sweat shirt and blue jeans that were slightly too big for him, but was fastened around his waist by a leather belt, with brown hair and blue eyes he looked over the farm as the growing plants were almost swept away by the coursing wind.

"Timmy, it's time to get ready for bed,"

A womanish voice was heard from downstairs, who was the Mother of Timmy the small boy looking out though the window, she has a high pitched but caring voice.

"Okay, mom."

Said Timmy in a disappointed voice, as he turned around from the windowsill, but before he could take another step, a broad yellow light flashed into his room for a second, turning around quickly Timmy jolted back to the window and slammed his hands down onto the ledges looking up at the sky for the source of the commotion.

The sky was cloaked in shadows and mists as before, Timmy was beginning to think it was a trick of the light, but then at the split second he lost interest, a huge metal ball smashed out from the sky, burning from behind and the smoke flooding the area behind it as it sped down to the floor smashing though the coarse of the wind, the clouds circled around it as though even the heavens were afraid of this... This... Monstrosity.

Timmy looked at this huge ball of metal as it sped down to the planet wide eyed and in complete shock, Timmy had read about huge balls of rocks flying down to Earth before, called meteorites, Timmy sat open mouthed as the metal ball smashed into the planet, causing the ground everywhere around it to shake and mud to fly up into the sky scattering along the farm and grass, the ground it's self cracked around the crater trembled for minutes after the crash, the ball of metal was scattered all over the place, exploding in the crash.

Timmy fell to the floor with the crash, all the loose contents in his room falling to the floor, such as pictures, stationary etc. Timmy let out a loud gasp of pain as he hit the floor, and seconds later after the shaking of the Earth his Mother was heard coming up stairs, her feet thudding against the stairs, opening the door seconds later, in the door way stood a young woman with a apron over her head and strapped around her waist, with the words... Chef, she had a lock of brown weave of hair hair down her body and her eyes shone just as blue as her sons.

"Oh my, what a Earthquake, have not had one like that for years!"

She exclaimed, holding onto the door handle.

"Mom, it wasn't a Earthquake."

Timmy said, struggling to get back up from all the wreckage.

"Don't be silly, of course it was, what else could of made the Earth shake like that,"

Timmy's mother simpered as she began to pick up a chair and place it back underneath the desk, before ducking down again and picking up Timmy's pens and pencils.

"Mom, ther.. There was this meteorite made of metal that smashed into lawn just outside the farm, that caused the shaking."

Timmy tried to explain to his Mother,

"That is totally ridicules, I've never heard of... oh.."

The Mother had walked over to the window mid way though her speech, as she observed the wreckage and crater with many metal parts smashed along the area.

Timmy climbed over the windowsill and clambered down to the floor using the many over grown plants that grew up to his room, while his Mother looked onwards to the wreckage.
Timmy ran across the farm and squinting in the dark entered down into the crater. There was some strange things in this crater however, such as wires and panels strewn across the wreckage, of steel and some other worldly metal that Timmy had never seen before in his life.

Rummaging around in the metal Timmy started to see hints of white and grey cloth strewn around the area, tints of what only could of been blood on them.
The wind shot passed as though it was fate and was so powerful that it almost threw Timmy off balance, but he was able to keep on his feet but the wind also unestablished a huge metal circle sticking up from the ground and it fell down to the floor, spinning slightly before stopping still.

A lot of dust was struck up from this but as it cleared there was a wounded man propped up against a lump of metal and leather, This man had a lot of black hair shooting upwards from his head, a white, torn shirt covered over his body that was torn and bloody, his arms were incased in two huge metal bracers with red gems in the center of them, he was also wearing grey trousers but they were strewn with dust and covered with mud, he also wore boots made out of the identical same material as the bracers with the same looking gem stones in the center of them, the strangest thing about this man however is that he had a tail cropping out from his back which bore small brown fur crawling up and down it, it looked identical to that of a monkeys tail.

Timmy ran over to the man looking at him, checking on his condition, The man with the monkey tail was passed out against the metal but he was still alive. Timmy could hear his breathing, although it was faint and distant.

In a shot the small farm boy ran back up to his family house to get his Mother...

"..., wh-- , where am I? who... What?.."

Were the first thoughts that crept out of the saiyan's mind, the saiyan's body felt heavy, very heavy he could not twitch a finger. His eye lids seemed to have been wired shut, Though sheer force of will the saiyan was able to lift his heavy eyes open and observe the area around him, at first all he could see was groggy and blurred random lights flashing in front of his eyes.

Things began to take focus, and the lights became illominating once again and showed Mustang the path more clearly, he was in a small room on top of a plain bed and the roof was very well painted from what he could observe, looking out around him he saw childish drawings pinned up on the walls, on a table bundled up was his shirt and bracers, tilting his head to his side, he saw a young boy sitting on the chair with a broad grin on his face, looking absolutely ecstatic.


The saiyan began to say, but the young boy simply beamed on before cutting across him,

"Mom!! His wake!, Hi there, I'm Timmy you crashed in that meteorite my mom says, but I think it was a ship? Are you a alien? Are you okay?"

Timmy shot forward a lot of questions as the saiyan lay there in the bed gawking open mouthed at him, he had not been interrupted often.

The saiyan warrior pushed himself up, as the bed sheets rolled off him raveling his upper chest but his waist was covered in layers of bandages all wrapped tightly around his waist, he suspected he had broken ribs at some point but how painfully they throbbed, Mustang threw off the covers and sat around the side of the bed looking to Timmy, as his tail finally reared up behind him before cross over the bandages over his stomach.

"So, Timmy... I'm Mustang.. Don't forget it, I won't say it again.. How long was I out for?"

Mustang said to Timmy, as he looked down narrow eyed at the inferior being.

"About two weeks, maybe three I lost count."

Just then there was a rustling at the door, in which Mustang took position expecting attack, he dropped to his fighting stance as watched as the door opened, however instead of some blood thirsty three headed alien charging at him he only saw instead a young Woman who had entered the room with a tray with drinks and food on it, Mustang watched her carefully not reeling from his stance.

Timmy looked up open mouthed at Mustang,

"My, my you seem to be more lively."

The woman said to Mustang as she walked over to a nearby table and placed the tray onto it, as she gave a sigh as Mustang, Mustang got up from his stance and sat back down onto the bed looking down to his hands, carefully moving them one by one to check that they were all in working function.

"Where's the nearest... City?"

Mustang said to the woman, as she bustled around and started to pour drinks into cups,

"Oh that would be north city, just a little more than twelve minutes away by car, only city you'll find that would have farms so little out."

Smiling she bustled over to the Mustang and handed him a drink, full of water.

Mustang took it in his grasp, but his hands shattered it as soon as he took grip of the water, Timmy's eyes were so wide up to this point that they nearly rolled out of his head.

"My, my aint you a strong one."

The mother said, smirking a little as she took a sip though her glass,

"How did you do that?"

Timmy asked Mustang, looking at Mustang with envy.

Mustang didn't reply and stood up again, looking at the two of them, nodding his head he took up his garments from the table and lifted them above his head, pulling them down his body and tightening them on his wrists, taking his boots which were near the bed, he was prepped up and ready.

"Where do you think your going?"

The mother said as she looked at Mustang.

"North city.."

Mustang grinned, as his aura burst around him, sending Timmy flying off his chair and his Mother to drop her drink, which smashed against the floor, Mustang shot off from the ground flying up into the sky, soaring down though the air and landing on a hill looking back to the house with the Mother and Timmy inside.

Swinging up his hand his eyes coarse with energy, his hand radiated power causing the ground to tremble with the power once again, Mustang could see that the Mother and the son were peering out of the window looking at the shining light in the distance,

"This should give me a good practice of this one... LAST PAGE!!"

Mustang roared to the world as he spread out of his arms and the orbs from his hands smashed together, veins throbbed on Mustangs head as he concentrated his ki towards that single spot, when at maximum Mustang fired off the shot of ki, hurtling down towards the farm house, in a few seconds there was a huge explosion where the housing once was, nothing was left yet a smoking crater and stone.. With the skin of farm animals and young Timmy.. And his mommy...

Mustang smirked to himself.

"Still as good as ever, I'm glad that sleep has not dulled my skills, thanks for the stay it's been a blast!, Haha!"

Mustang laughed, Before firing over his aura once again around his body, sending the ground to tremble before bending his knees and launching straight into the air once again, a crater was left behind and small trenches that cut off quickly were in the direction in which Mustang took off in, Speeding across the sky, shooting across the birds he sped down to the dot in the distance that was sprawling with little colorful bugs which were cars, and huge sky scraping buildings climbing further and further up.

"The gravity is so weak here, it feels as though I'm as light as a feather!"

Mustang exclaimed to his much enjoyment as he shot across the sky, nearing the city as the wind slapped his face as the sky opened to his aura as he sped past.

Mustang hovered over the buildings, above, some people who had seen him were in shock at him and exclaiming to there friends, none of them had seen a saiyan before let alone something that looks human fly before.

Swinging down his hand, Mustang gathered thousands of small ki balls into his palm, white light flashed into his palm as it formed thousands of separate grey balls in his palm, Mustang threw them down onto the buildings as the orbs flew down they separated into thousands of tiny little orbs and smashed into the buildings, crashing though the streets, smashing cars into the air and sending screaming people hurling into separate directions.

However down in the city, a telegram was being passed into it's military, down in the military base the commander was looking out at the destruction raging though the streets, the man was dressed in traditional green military uniform, with a huge white mustache spread under his nose.

A soldier burst into the room,

"Commander! The city is under attack what should we do!"

The commander, took out a cigar from his pocket and placed it in his mouth, lighting it with a casual flick of a lighter, before pocketing it once again,

"Send out the experiment... It'll be a good test run for him. Please."

The commander said in a brash and direct voice to the soldier.

"But sir.. He,"

"Maybe I wasn't being clear private... When I said please I actually meant NOW!"

The commander snapped at the private, before taking the cigar out and blowing smoke into the air, at the privates retreating back.
Seconds later the call was made and the experimental warrior brought out from the laboratory.

"Now you may find a little pain, but you should be able to deal with this menace"

The scientist said to the man that they had experimented on, the experiment was a huge eight foot man, huge broad muscles all over his body, completely bald and veins throbbing all over his body.
He only wore gray trousers over his legs, grabbing the scientist in his huge hand he snarled down at the scientist who trembled,

"You... Be... GRAHH!!"

The experiment yelled throwing the lab coated, scientist over head and smashing though a desk. Strolling out of the laboratory on a rampage, the experiment looked out though the window at Mustang and the destruction that he was causing down below to the city.

"You... MINE!"

The experiment roared, leaping out from the window, shattering he glass with his bald head smashing down onto the air and charging though it straight at Mustang, his body floated though the air charging down at Mustang.

Mustang turned around into the air and saw this huge monster fly in front of him, with his hands out stretched attempting to grab him,
Mustang turned around and swung out his arms and grabbed the huge hands of this monstrosity, both forces pushed against each other both not giving an inch, both refusing to back down to the other.
The air it's self began to emanate shock waves of force, the ground underneath began to tremble from the force of this and the clouds began to circle both of these combatants.

Deep within the military compound, the commander smoked his cigar looking out at the action.

"Good, that's it, get him like that! Reminds me when I was a footman, ooooh yes!"

The commander rejoiced, smoking the cigar.

Mustang and the experiment grunted at each other, both pushing, both began to tremble as the two forces wrestled for dominance, finally both split apart, looking over to each other in the air.

Mustang's aura flared over and the experiments muscles bulged as he looked over to Mustang, both of them charged at each other, to the witnesses down below it would appear that they had vanished, nothing but huge shock waves emanated from the sky where there punches met each other, the water flew up into the air with the shock waves, the ground cracked and formed a crater with the force of the blows and the air trembled as the mighty blows forced each other away.

Both reappeared for what seemed fractions of a second to plan there next attacks, before speeding straight back into the fight, all that could be seen of Mustang in this few seconds would be his aura, flashing gray against the sky, Mustang found that his speed was greater than this monster but in terms of size and power he was out matched, Mustang decided to turn around and pretend to retreat, yelling back to the monstrosity.

"Oi, you bald headed buffoon! Catch me if you can!"

Mustang jeered and taunted as he sped away diving though the wreckage, daring the monster to catch him.

Out of sheer hubris the monster flew after Mustang, diving though the wreckage his huge size smashing against the buildings, cutting him on glass and electrocuting him on wires, making him feel more tired and cutting him to ribbons as Mustang's light and fast body easily swerved around such objects while the experiment just smashed though them.

Finally Mustang thought it was time before turning around to face the monster once again, who was now bleeding from just about every angle imaginable.

"Feeling that? , That's every part of your body screaming at what a dim witted moron you are!"

Mustang yelled at the experiment, as the wreckage behind him crumbled, Mustang could sense that due to the cuts at the ligaments and tendons were very deep that this monster couldn't walk quickly towards him.

Forcing his hand forward, Mustang's body glowed with a grey aura and his arm illuminated with the coursing ki flying down to the palm and generating into thousands, apon thousands of ki orbs appeared down his hand, firing them all towards this monster, they split into thousands more and smashed into this monster crushing though his body and green blood began to ooze from his body, his veins pooped in his arms and head as his body imploded as the ki seeped into the cuts, slashes using them at the size they are to expand and explode inside of his body.

Finally there was nothing left but a pair of legs, and a head rolling down the trench, in what used to be the street, Mustang walked over to the head, and grabbing ahold of the scalp with his right hand, lifted it up looking into it's eyes as the green blood tricked down onto the wreckage below.

"Nope, your still as ugly as ever.."

Swinging up his hand he let go of the head, sending a small ray of ki towards the powerless head, his ki washing over it and burning it till it was nothing more than ash.

In the army military, the commander took the cigar down from his mouth and stroked his mustache,

"Well that's, that... Send a telegraph to the experiments family, his wife and kid would want to know what happened.. They live in a little farm just out from here, go before it's too late."

The messenger, quickly ran out of his office and got into his car, the commander shut the door and took out another cigar, before sitting down in his desk, and waited for his death at the hands of a explosion that would wipe out the rest of the city.

Tapping down the cigar, as the ash floated away.. In the breeze of the destruction.

3365 words
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PostSubject: Re: Vilian has risen   Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:01 pm

approved. And a extra 10,000 bonus
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Vilian has risen
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