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PostSubject: Molecule   Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:08 am

Did you read the rules? : Yes

Do you agree to follow the Rules?: Yes

RP Style: Paragraph and Novella Sometimes

Roleplay Rating: P3 13

Name: Molecule

Age: 0

Race: Bio Android

RP sample:
Lazer flied over the city that never sleeps, Glowing lights lit up the streets and the sky making even the night stars look like day time. Lazer moved among the sky lights laughing at his joy of the air, Lazer felt dominant in the sky for he was one of the few who could fly in this world. Lazer looked down at a small robbery and shook his head it seemed his name wasn't doing much yet.

Lazer floated in the air before he vanished appearing on the ground looking at the robber, Lazer was next to the man grabbing his throat and Teleporting into the sky holding the man upside down. " Now you see why you shouldn't steal from hard working folk? Get a job.* Lazer delivered a kick to the man's stomach before letting go watching the man fall towards the ground.

Lazer floated in the sky before deciding as he vanished appearing right above the ground putting one arm out and catching the man, With a simple flick of his wrist Lazer threw the man through the door where he hit the ground. He landed gracefully his feet barley touching the ground before he walked into the store leaning down he took the money the man had stolen and returned it to the cashier then vanished in a flash of light. Lazer floated above the city looking down for his next target of the day.

Tail?: I have a Bio Android Tail Very Happy

(Once he hatches he will have )

Dodon Ray

Special Beam Cannon

Character Appearance:

Character Bio: Molecule was a bio android, his creator was unknown. He was made to protect the earth with all of his power. He was made of human and namekian cells.... So generally he would have one to two of their moves, but his creator wanted him to have one of each. And that he would absorb one of every race, to become the most powerful bio android in the world. Molecule envy's the humans for being the race that creates the most moves.

Starting Planet: Earth

Other: (Anything else you want to add in?)
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PostSubject: Re: Molecule   Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:26 pm

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