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 Soul Search

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PostSubject: Soul Search   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:12 pm

Rain for some reason was feeling introspective today, he normally spent his days flying around getting in trouble. However, he just felt tired and he knew why today was the day Kai died. And with him the only thing remotely connecting him to his dreams, he could vaguely remember his real father. Though, the only memory was a bad one for Rain. He saw his father trying to hold back a massive attack while he was being flown away by the ship he landed in Vine City on. Other then that, he couldn't remember his mother that well only that she was not their when his father died. Meaning she might already be dead or still alive and out there somewhere. Rain tried to shake the feeling off by shaking his head and blasting going faster. It worked temporarily as adrenaline had him going for a while.

However, the feeling didn't stick and once more he was lost in his own thoughts. His father must have been very strong to hold off a blast like that, but then again it probably because of what they are. His father has a tail like Rain does, he knew aliens existed but he just didn't know what he was. It really didn't matter though, no matter what he would be stronger than his father and be a protector like his father. Kai had taught him the basics needed for it now all he had to do is find a teacher and hone his skills to grow stronger. He just knew that no matter what, he would make sure that he didn't fail from his goal. With this in mind, he summoned up more strength and started gaining more speed. He always been fast, it was something he was just gifted with. However, he knew he could need to hone his ki and physical strength a lot more before he could do anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Soul Search   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:13 pm

+10 alignment.
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Soul Search
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