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PostSubject: THIS IS WHO IS GONNA TEACH ME!   Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:58 pm

Quest: You have heard of the legendary martial arts master, Named Roshi. You travel to Roshi's small island and try to convince the old turtle hermit to take you on as an apprintice. At first Roshi's says he doesnt anymore pupils, but if you bring the old perv a nice looking lady or some pervy magazines he might reconsider

Requirements: neutral or positve alignment

Reward: +500 PL
Matt had heard of a legendary martial arts master by the name of Roshi. That was why matt was flying over the ocean looking around for a small island. Which he spotted, He walked up to the door and knocked not getting an awnser he sat down on a rock only to hear a rather slow voice say "Hey watch it!". Matt jumped off the rock and heard behind him "Hey watch out that trutle well kick your ass he has a power level of 0.5!" keitaro heard some one say. He turned around to meet this voice and he met an old man. A weak looking one at that.

"Uhh excuse me sir is your son or grand son roshi home i am here to learn from him." matt said with a kind smile. "Your looking at him sonny I'M master roshi!" the old man now known as roshi said. "Ahh Roshi-Sama my deepest apology i did not know!" matt said bowing deeply to the old man. Roshi picked matt up and sat him right "I'm not looking for any more students kid so you wasted your time coming here." he said walking away. "I thought you might say that so i brought you these." matt said handing the old man some dirty book and novels. "ALRIGHT TRANING CAN START TOMMAROW!" roshi said draging matt inside his house.
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PostSubject: Re: THIS IS WHO IS GONNA TEACH ME!   Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:59 pm

Approved. lol
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