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 Solomon's temple(Chap. 1)

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PostSubject: Solomon's temple(Chap. 1)   Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:54 am

Water dripped from rocky surfaces and infestations crawled around on their micro-sized legs. Bats swooped across the ceiling and hung with their wings covering their tiny bodies. Stallagmites and Stallagtites hung and poked from the ceiling and the ground. The ground was moist and glittering from the gold rock that was buried under the young assassin's feet. The youth twisted his wrists to get his joints in motion and the circulation back into his pale hands from climbing. He then clamped his fingers down repeatedly to also keep them in circulation. Ritzusen was going to need them for his long journey ahead for the prize. Today his assignment was one thing and one thing only, grab the Treasure of Solomon from the Organization.

The Organization was a group of Templars who were only out for one thing, treasure. They were the modern day pirates without the sea. They were greedy, rich and had some of the best technology known to man. They all spread across the country faster than a man could run an inch. Buildings rose with test patients to find their inner secrets through the memories of their ancestors. Many were tortured and some died. But most of them never came out the same. Ezio had trained his Saiyan protege to the point where he would not only learn, but he would be able to understand and use it correctly. Ritzusen made small footsteps on the rock surface and held his body and his hands low. He was going to be alone in this cave and from his calculations, the Templars were already at the temple and were tring to close in on the Treasure of Solomon. Ritzusen had to fight them all.

It would be a tough task now without any help from a Brotherhood member but it would soon work out. If there is a need for reinforcements then The Brotherhood base would send more but as of now, there was only one. The Saiyan looked ahead to see two torches parallel to each other. A strong flame burst from them as a shadow of a man held a fire in his hand. He was wearing a plad suit with a striped tie so his clothes did not match. The man had some facial hair like a beard and some stubble under his double chin. His body was a good size and his belly poked a little. This man had a pudgy face and small legs. He was out of proportion.

Ritzusen crouched lower now that one of the enemies was in sight. He watched as the man pulled a device from inside of his plad suit jacket. It seemed to be a some kind of decoder. The Saiyan could just barely see strange markings come from the white screen which were the color red. He crept closer for a better look. They were in a different language in which seemed familiar to Ritzusen for some reason. They seemed to be strange markings like those of the egyptian language only modified. The Saiyan crept even closer with in striking range. He allowed the Templar to collect his data and turn around. Just as his body turned, Ritzusen struck. His blade thrust from the metal compartment as he brought it up and shoved it into the Templar's back. He stopped for a moment and fell to the ground causing his hand to loosen and allow the decoder to slip free. The Saiyan dragged his body from the light and grabbed the device. He stuffed it into his pocket and looked ahead at an opening of the cave. This was where the Templars stood attempting to grab the treasure. Could Ritzusen stop them?

TBC in next chapter


Ritzusen's voice
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PostSubject: Re: Solomon's temple(Chap. 1)   Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:43 pm

5,000 pl. It was barley over 500. if you wish to continue it I will regrade it when your done.
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Solomon's temple(Chap. 1)
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