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Name: Rain

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PostSubject: Rain   Rain EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 9:36 am

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Name: Rain


Half Saiyan

RP sample:
Things have been going smoothly as far as the trip from Dac goes. Years of battle and command have chilled the edge that Aein has making him more observatory of his surroundings among other things. He still work his hair long as he looked out into the vastness of space waiting for them to drop out of hyper space. The men of this ship knew of his deeds of war and knew he would not accept failure. The New Republic has had too many failures already. Aein felt the ship lurch and slightly shudder under his feet as hyperspace was dropped. Now before him was the world of Anaxes, like Coruscant it was a planet-wide city. Aein let out a breath before turning away from the view screen showing the planet growing steadily bigger as they approached.

Aein walked back to his seat and grabbed his helmet while tucking his long hair in the suit. With a clink, the helmet locked into place while he looked around waiting for his HUD to properly load. He would make sure that he'd go after the riots first. This was not a pleasure visit, this was only business for him. He had been personally asked by the Vice Chancellor to accept this mission. The only thing he regretted was the limited amount of information he was given. How do you quell riots about a subject you don't have any idea about. It seemed his work was definitely cut out for him, as now the city zoomed into view. He let out a sigh as the ship went into it's docking procedure.

Aein looked around at his men that were following him and said "I hope you had your fun, because this mission is not a vacation. We are here to stop the rioting, it is your mission to find out why they are rioting and calm the crowds. I want suppressing fire but no one is to be hurt by our hands. Are we clear?" After being saluted, Aein followed his team of the ship and watched them go off in transports toward the numerous riots. Aein's own lied at the capital's door steps, he walked over to his transport grabbing the railing as it flew off toward the capital. While flying, he saw the cities riots and the other parts where it was peaceful almost devoid of any chaos. Upon arriving, Aein saw that one man was rallying the rioters and he would have to be stopped if they're was any hope of stopping an uprising.



Barrier: This purely defensive technique forms a Ki-shield around the body that protects the user from Ki or similar attacks. There are two forms of this maneuver. One is a spherical shield that surrounds the body, the other is more of a coating of the body.

Character Apperance:
Rain 23lmhzp

Character Bio:
Rain was born to his father who was defender of the planet Earth, though this information is not known to him. In fact, he has no idea that he is half saiyan. This is because Rain's father fell in love with a woman he saved, and was torn between too duties often. And to make matters worse, when she announced that she was pregnant. This forced the once proud warrior to have to temporarily retire from fighting so he could raise his son and fully take care of his love. Around the time Rain was about to turn three, his father and Rain was attacked by another saiyan who his father thought was dead. His father named Wind, had to make a desperate choice. He packed his son in a ship and tried to send him off around the world. However, the Saiyan who had been charging his ultimate attack sent it toward the recently air-borne ship. Wind of course, jumped in front of the blast trying to deflect or block the attack. However, it was too strong for him and everyone could see it so he looked at his son one last time. He summoned every last ounce of energy, and blew up the attack with his own energy. The devastation was great and wiped out the Saiyan, and Wind within the woodland area. Rain never saw his mother or father again, as his ship crashed in Vine City. He was plucked from the ship by a human named Kai, Rain was then raised in Vine City, being brought up naive to the evils of the world and of people as the small village he was raised in was small and hospitable. Kai had taught him the flight technique and barrier, he didn't wish for Rain to be a fighter but he knew it seemed it was inevitable so he might as well train Rain. Rain was devastated when his father-type Kai suffered a heart attack and died. And ever since that Rain has traveled the world only seeing training and growing stronger as a way to honor Kai's memory...

Starting Planet:

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