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 Majinn Unleashed

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PostSubject: Majinn Unleashed   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:09 pm

Quest Overview: ( Must have negative or Neutral alignment.) Babidi resides in the southern woods where his spaceship is dug underground. He waits outside for a being hoping to work for him. If you are that evil combatant, meet him there and he will cast you in his majin control. You choose to serve him now. Then as a test you must fight some intruders that invaded his space ship! They each have amazing abilities. You must stop them!

Requirements: at least 100,000 PL to take the mission, and must have less than +100 alignment

Rewards: (Your character will have a majin mark on his or her head), 2xpl

Ichiro flew over the land the woods showed up as he came over the edge of a mountain looking out as he spotted the great wizard babidi standing outside, Ichiro landed looking at the little cricket man as he watched him. "What do you want cricket scum do you dare test the wrath of a sayian elite?". Babidi raised his hands shaking his head, "Oh no great warrior i have something to offer you a great power if you accept it I will make you stronger". Ichiro thought it over but his sayian blood said it already power was what he desired. "I accept Wizard but no tricks."

Babidi nodded as he reached out and yelled, A M appeared on Ichiro's head as his power level doubled. Ichiro could feel the power pumping through him but something tugged at his mind babidi's command, Ichiro followed babidi down into the ship not far down a explosion was heard. Babidi turned and pointed to the sayian. "Go check it out eradicate what ever is up there now go." Ichiro bowed his head before he turned running up the stairs, As he arrived at the top he spotted 2 warriors one was a female with gray skin and black hair. her eyes were round and completely black she stood maybe 4'11.

Her ally was the same race but male with gray skin and big black bulbous eyes, He was muscular and both had power levels in the 300,000's. Ichiro stood in front of them his eyes burning into them, "What are you two suppose to be some kind of gray skin bugged?". The two turned and laughed they made odd clicking noises as the female walked forward and powered up. Ichiro lit up his own energy but as he did the m pulsed his mind reached deep pulling up his true emotional depths a dark memory that exploded out. Ichiro grabbed his head as he screamed his body pulsing as he writhed around.

The memory's flooded his mind, Facing a enemy with twin swords, a village burning to the ground, a man beheaded lying on the ground next to his daughter. These brought Ichiro's emotions to boiling with a scream Ichiro's power exploded and he stood there his now golden hair flowing from the true power he now held. With a vanish Ichiro was on the female delivering a brutal blow to her stomach, As the female doubled over Ichiro threw her into the air and did a spinning kick sending her flying into the wall where her head smacked the wall. The woman fell to the floor dead.

The male screamed at the loss of his sister and rushed the super sayian throwing a flurry of punches trying to hurt the sayian. The powerful super sayian moved around the punches before flicking a knee out smacking the Alien in the face before he did a double axe handle down crushing in the male's face. Ichiro looked back as babidi ran up laughing. With a flick he opened his hand and fired destroying babidi, Ichiro turned feeling the new found power before exploding out of the space ship and shooting off.

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PostSubject: Re: Majinn Unleashed   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:10 pm

Approved and now can turn super sayian.
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Majinn Unleashed
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