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 The legendary super sayian.

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PostSubject: The legendary super sayian.   Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:05 pm

Quest Overview: Rumors has it that a legend has roamed around this land and born from this planet. Now, he ravages the entire south galaxy which happened to spread word. King Vegeta is not happy about this and fears that this super saiyan will come back and haunt Planet Vegeta. As a saiyan warrior, you attempt to track down the saiyan, and kill him before he does anymore damage. Watch out, the legendary super saiyan can be very strong. The approximate power level would be about 190,000 in it's base form. 380,000 as a normal super saiyan, and 600,000 as in his Legendary Super Saiyan form.
Requirements: Must have at least 150,000 pl
Rewards: 30,000 pl.

Raz had heard off the rumors flying around about a super strong sayian in the southern galaxy and decided to do what only he could bring the sayian down for good, Raz bursted over the planet a small birdie had told him the being in question was actually on vegeta in hiding. Raz was wrapped in his red energy moving so fast he was a blur ya he could have just been there but he was saving that move for the actual combat. Raz looked down planet vegeta it was different than the last time he saw it.

Raz landed outside a large house looking at it, It was easy 4 stories painted black with red lines a large bulky man stood out front looking like he had stuffed the muscles of a ape into the body of a sayian. He was a easy 7 foot with massive arms,biceps, triceps and any other ceps you could think of his hair was slicked back which was odd for a sayian but hey each there own, The man screamed out and his voice echoed a deep brass. "Who are you and why do you come to the home of Brolly". Raz smiled as his hand's lit up. "I am the person who is going to make you apart of me".

Brolly screamed as he shot forward throwing a hand the size of a swan balled into a fist at raz's jaw with all his normal strength, Raz raised a hand catching the fist and slammed his foot into brolly's stomach forcing the man to double over before turning kicking the Powerful being in the jaw throwing him into the house ripping through the top. A roar was heard as brolly rushed from the rubble throwing a barrage of punches to hammer the Majin, Raz stood taking the punches as they sunk into his body doing no damage. "Come on brolly I expected more out of you, Your pathetic." Raz leaped into the air throwing both knees under brolly's chin before he did a double ear slap to Brolly's head causing disorientation and dizziness.

Raz threw both leg's up doing a floating drop kick to Brollys chest sending him flying through the air before he smashed into the ground leaving a large crater, Brolly rose up roaring as his energy spiked up his hair turning gold as debris lifted off the ground crushing from the sheer power. The ground shook as brolly continued going until his power hit 600,000 peak velocity. Raz watched unimpressed still he was way more powerful than the Sayin by 1million 400,000. Raz vanished appearing in front of The legendary super saying slamming his elbow with perfect precision into brolly's stomach lifting him off the ground, Though it looked like a simple maneuver the perfect precision and the strength behind it was a one hit K.O.

Raz grabbed brolly and threw him into the air as he pulled a piece off his body and threw it, "Blob rope" The Rope wrapped around brolly before it shined and hardened. Raz yanked with his full strength as brolly slammed into his body The rope slid over Brollys whole body before sinking into Raz's body. On the inside brolly looked around as he screamed wrapped in a cocoon type deal as he squirmed he felt his power draining as he screamed. All 600,000 had been absorbed.
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PostSubject: Re: The legendary super sayian.   Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:10 pm

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The legendary super sayian.
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