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 Naruto SOSP

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PostSubject: Naruto SOSP   Naruto SOSP EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 8:57 pm

Naruto SOSP 219wc9v-1

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SAGE OF THE SIX PATH is a original and canon character site. You can make your own clan and become your own ninja. Naruto becomes a Jounin and has three students(open) and you can play Jounin, Chunin, Outlaws, Akatsuki, anyone you want.

[/size]Five Years After Naruto trained with Killer Bee and Sasuke received his brother's eyes. Naruto and the rest of the 'Rookies' became Jounin. All going their separate ways. Sasuke has trained with Madara and became this incredibly evil person still based on killing the Leaf Village and Naruto is trained to control up to seven tails of the Nine tails energy and is ready to combat Sasuke to the end.

While the rest of everyone has been progressively training to become stronger as well. The five kages all still have banded together to fight this battle against Akatsuki, knowing that there will be causalities in this war but knowing if they were together they could win.

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Naruto SOSP
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