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 Roy dementia

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roy dementia

roy dementia

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Name: Roy dementia

PostSubject: Roy dementia    Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:00 am

Did you read the rules? : Yes

Do you agree to follow the Rules?: Yes

RP Style: I rp with a kind of mysterious yet hardcore kind of tone and it can be noticed by the way i word my sentences o.o

Roleplay Rating: lower than mature i am not into sexting

Name: Roy dementia

Age: 19

Race: Demon

RP sample: From birth his parents were a ninja and a samurai they both fought until they found love they settled down in which Neo was born later and followed a ninjas life. It was easy living in the Village of rain because in her part of the giant village nothing ever happened being a hyuuga and all her part of the village was the most peaceful.. His parents had enrolled her into the Amegakure village academy in which he was of on the best in his class.. Out of 42 he was 3rd she easily passed the exams then towards the end of the year came the time of the transformation jutsu she came out 1st out of the class of 42.. They were all assigned different jounin but the top three would be assigned to the kage.. Thus Neo was assigned to the Kage hanzou .. After a few months of training and about 2 failed S-rank missions Chuunin exams came..

Chuunin Exams..Chunnin Arc: As Neo and his teammates entered the Chuunin exams they made it up to the 2nd part which out of 3 was the Sea of Despair in which there were multiple entrances each team went into the Dungeon/Cave and had to fight there way out with the clues given to them on a tracking scroll to a treasure chest.. Each chest would contain a golden weapon that had a number on it A bow represented 3 a axe represented 2 and a long sword meant 1... The weapons were also nondegradable so they wouldnt wear down on them.. So as they went through they made it to the entrance building at the end.. In which Neos number was picked

~~~The Fight~~~
As they made great progress they come to a point were Shakira uses a waterfall basin jutsu and a lake forms.. "Now we swim!" Neo and Roy both look into the water with their eyes and can see this fight will get intense. As they both hold their breath and jump into the water they fight. A lady named Ino watches Shakira "Your not going to win this fight your not worthy" Roy says but Roy gets blinded sided by Neo golden sword as it goes into Roys leg cutting a tendon so he wouldnt be able the run or basically walk with his left leg netherless swim. Roy and Neo at the same time say "Lets finish this!" Roy then blindsides the Neo when he jumps out and the lake falls apart and the arena is full of water Roy makes handsigns"Fire style fire bullet jutsu" Then at that exact time when it hit Neo did the hyuuga technique 8 trigrams rotation.

Roy then dodged the bullet taking minor burns. They both needed to rest but Neo with presision was able to get close to Roy to were she could use 8 trigrams 64 palms and end the fight as the victor..
~~End fight~~
~~Chuunin exam final fight~~
As it comes down to the Final fight it is shakira vs Neo as they both fight they come to a stalemate in which shakira once again summons a Lake of water in which Neo and Shakira both look into it and jump in holding there breath.. Punch after ounch it seems as if the Woman that has been watching over Shakira had something in mind for her the lady ino activated her byakugan to get a better angle of the fight as she could see who was winning and it was clearly shakira. Then at that instant the lake dispersed the two were on the ground from the collision between the humans and the ground as gravity had tested them.. Now they both got up to continue the fight in which Neo went to hit shakira and shakira barely dodges in which she get into a special stance which everyone that was watching even her teacher thought was fabled. Neo goes to strike then in that instance 2,4,8,16,32,64,128~~~ The grand 361 palms which shuts off every tenketsu point put Neo into submission in which Shakira wins and is dubbed Chuunin.. But through good fighting Neo wins Chuuninship

Tail?: sadly no

Techniques:Death beam and hellzone grenade

Character Apperance: A tall not slender but with a mild bodybuilder stance type of guy.. Aside from that he is 5'11 and he wears tight almost spandex like costume that makes him look like a superhero from our average comics. His hair is a little spiked and he has an over easy look on his face not to grumpy not to happy more like a neutral tone.Unlike others he looks almost a little pale with honey shaded eyes. on certain days they change from honey o charcoal black

Character Bio:From birth his parents were a Demon and a Demoness (if thats a word) they both fought until they found love they settled down in which roy was born later and followed a Demons life.. His parents were caring of him and they always taught him right and whats best for him until they died in which.. He turned out to be the child and teenager his parents had warned him about.. He was a part of the Human worlds royal family.. He wore some of the best armour when he needed to help in a war.. His life was noothing but just school studies some girls and boredom.. As the years passed by he graduated and ending up in high school in which he is now a regular but royal 19 year old in present day. He still remembers his demon heritage and how to fight like a demon recently he joined a tourney and won 1st place

Starting Planet:Earth

Other: nothing
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PostSubject: Re: Roy dementia    Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:15 am

Um I'm sorry I noticed a lot of Naruto in your history...which I guess it's cool as a biography.........um...you did not state how you became a demon. Other than that i see no problems,....Fix the demon part and your approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Roy dementia    Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:20 pm

okay your now approved. But for the record. Demons can travel to hell and back to the livining if they aren't killed (if they are killed then they just stay in hell). Sorry to fail to mention that anywhere. Also, Demons may start in hell if they choose to.

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PostSubject: Re: Roy dementia    

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Roy dementia
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