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 Ichiro Is Taking A few Pit Stops before Training

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PostSubject: Ichiro Is Taking A few Pit Stops before Training   Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:37 pm

Ichiro was flying around somewhere looking for an area to train. ' Hmmm where should I train today? I could go see master roshi later to show him my techniques and how much I improved! Then you know maybe fight someone somewhere? Then I can actually train later! So let's start with Master Roshi! ' Ichiro began flickering going to Master Roshi's, Master Roshi should notice that his speed has went up incredibly! Then Ichiro could see the little island way out in the distance. ' Havent seen the place in a while....' Then Ichiro flew over to the island. He was hovering over the island, he saw the little pink house, another giant rock because from his last visit he destroyed it, the same palm trees and the turtle wasn't their must be out in the ocean somewhere.

Then Ichiro hovered down to the island. He felt the sand move under his feet because its so loose and nothing is stopping it from moving. Then Ichiro began to walk to the door to the pink house. The wind was blowing forcing Ichiro's black bang in his hair to go over his eyes. He finally had gotten to the door, he doesn't know why he walked though. He knocked once time, then they're was no answer. Then he knocked twice, still no answer. Ichiro got angr, he knocked a third time and nobody answered the door. ' Alright I'm doing this one more time! And you'd better answer! '

Ichiro knocked on the door his fourth, and final time. Then finally Master Roshi answered the door with his eyes closed, ' For the last time I don't take pupils anymore! ' Then he opened his eyes, ' Oh its you Ichiro why'd you stop by? ' Ichiro saw he was holding a pervy magazine but he didn't say anything about that, ' Oh nothing really I was on my way to train, but I decided I would take A few pit stop's. ' Ichiro answered ' Oh alright! Hey maybe you could show me how much you improved, by preforming your techniques later? I would love to see them! ' ' Oh alright! I will later! ' ' Oh and Ichiro are you perhaps hungry, because I was just eating. So come in if you want to eat, or just stay outside and wait for me to finish before you show me your techniques? ' ' Oh thank you Master Roshi, I would love to eat! ' Then Master Roshi entered his house and Ichiro was right behind him.

When Ichiro entered Master Roshi,s house he didn't expect this... The house's wall's were pink, and their was poster of girls in bikini's on the walls. He knew Master Roshi was a perve but he didn't expect that! Then they're was a flat screen in front of a window, then they're was a couch that was shaped like a straight line that it just turned. Then they're was a table in front of that with food everywhere on the table. Mater Roshi walked over to the couch and took one side of it, the side that just turned all sudden, ' Come on boy have a seat! ' Then Ichiro walked over to the couch and sat down, him sinking into the couch because of how soft it was. Then Master Roshi picked up a half eaten burrito, and started to eat it or maybe he was finishing it...

Time Skip

Master Roshi and Ichiro was outside of his house now, ' Good thing we ate a lot, I wouldn't have eaten again for a while! ' Ichiro said ' Haha oh well! Well Ichiro time to show me how much you improved! ' Ichiro cuffed his hands brought in some ki,he then charged up a kamehameha wave,with one hand. 'Kamehameha! ' A red beam came out flinging into the ocean splitting it apart, where you could see the ocean floor! ' That's not my strongest but I think I proved my point! ' Master Roshi's jaw was wide open.
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PostSubject: Re: Ichiro Is Taking A few Pit Stops before Training   Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:06 pm

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Ichiro Is Taking A few Pit Stops before Training
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